Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bunny Hop Pub Crawl Review

Sidegames, Seagull and I went to the Bunny Hop Pub Crawl. I had learned about when I sarged at McGees a few Mondays ago. We paid $20 and all draft beers and well drinks were free from 6pm-11pm and each bar had food as well. You also could take the trolley to the other bars. The McGees bartender was misinformed at the start as she told me only Bud light and some nasty tasting blue punch were included. When we took the trolley to Maeve's, we found out that all drafts were included. I love this aspect as I always like trying new beers. I remember randomizing my choice one time and I happened to get a pale ale. I like the bitter taste of Pale Ale, and especially India Pale ale. To put the deal in perspective, at the end of the night, we talked to this set on Division. They had paid $5 per Blue Moon draft and they could have drunk as much Blue Moon as they wanted for the $20 and had food.


The food at McGees was a buffet of filled potato skins, wings, fried cheese ravioli, and meatballs. At Maeve, there was some pizza from a local pizza joint. I could get my fill of food there alone. At Wrightwood tap, someone told me they were out of food unfortunately. At Durkins, the food was Domino's pizza. We ended our evening at Redmond's because we figured we'd just sarge Wrigleyville after instead of being stuck at one of the other bars that didn't have any many bars around it. Redmond's had cut up burgers, fries, wings, and fried jumbo shrimp. I must have eaten like 15 shrimp.

Obviously, I felt the event was well worth my moment spent. I'm considering doing the Cinco de Mayo pub crawl event, even though it's only 8pm-11pm. At the same time, margaritas at Ceasar's would also be good.

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