Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thoughts to get myself really comfortable with going for the kiss often tonight

During my jog today, I kept thinking about how far I've come as PUA. There's just that little bit holding me back that's preventing me from really being the guy I want to be. Sticking points are always gonna be there and pushing through them is what takes us to the next level. I keep talking about the kiss close. I'm getting better at it but I kept thinking about how I have to get myself in the right mind set to go for it.

I thought about how I was holding hands with that girl on the trolley almost immediately. I think about how that tall blonde was so into me. Part of me still thinks it's amazing, but I shouldn't think like that. It just happens so often now that I just have to accept it as my reality.

That's when I realized that I really have become that guy that I wanted to be. I'm now that special type of guy that the women imagine meeting. Yes, part of me thinks this is incredible, but again, the evidence just keeps piling up in favor of this. In no way to do I think I've solved the game. I've come a long way and still have a ton to learn. Tyler/Owen still says he has to learn stuff. Once I get past this kiss close, I'll still have to master seeding the same night pull. I'll have to continue to work on my entitlement (which is community talk for how hot a girl I think I deserve).

Thoughts that should help me pull the trigger:

I keep waiting for that perfect moment to kiss and it sometimes exists, but more important is just going for it. The kisses on the Pickup Artist Season 2 are often not that smooth, but of course the girl wants it and make out ensues. Seagull has told me about some of his recent kiss closes and how he just lifted up her chin and went for it and most of the time the girl totally wanted it. Even with that last set that I actually went for the kiss several times, I realized that going for it does enhance attraction and it really is nothing when they reject it.

I'll repeat that Mystery concept. I guess I'm avoiding going for the kiss because I'm trying to be perfect which is stupid. I'm also afraid of rejection, but I know that it doesn't matter. Besides, as RSD Ozzie says, you have to be willing to take risks that can lose you the girl in order to get the girl.

I'm also afraid of making the girl uncomfortable by trying to kiss her.

As Mystery says, NOT kissing the girl when she wants to be kiss causes discomfort. I've written this many times but I need to sink it into my head. I don't want to make girls uncomfortable but by stalling and not taking action, I am creating huge discomfort!!

I'm rolling up on these girls and being that guy that the imagine meeting. I'm confident and dominant. I'm completely relaxed as I gaze at them with laser eye contact and they quickly are hypnotized with my presence. They accept my hand holding or the claw and I can tell it's on and they want more. I was thinking about that long blonde. I bet she was in the bathroom so long after her brother broke things up initially cause I had gotten her excited and wet and she was trying to regain her composure.

To be congruent with that guy I am at the start, I naturally have to continue things to the kiss and make out. I want to kiss them and they want me to kiss them too. Yeah, I might get the moment wrong, but then they'll turn their cheek but chances are they are gonna stay and just want it even more when I try again later. On the rare chance that they leave, at least I went for it and found out early that things weren't gonna work out.

The way I've been playing things lately make no sense. I know the girls are totally into me, yet somehow I think they won't want to kiss me and somehow I think I'm gonna make things better by not going for it. I saw first hand how lame the hesitation is when I broke up that kiss on Thursday. Real PUAs, real men, kiss the girl when it's on cause they know she wants it too.

The right time to kiss the girl is when I feel that the set is on, that the girl is into me. It happened at least 4-5 times yesterday. I saw what Jeffy describes as the girl "popping." He said when he senses that, he tells himself he has to kiss the girl within a few minutes. I just have to pump her state with words and by escalating the kino even more. If I'm holding her hands, I can put her arms around me. I can put my arms around her and have my hands resting against her back or the small of her back. I can start stroking her hair or start grabbing the back of her neck, or I can start stroking her face. Any and all of the above as kino is supposed to be dynamic. I naturally have my face close to her face now that I've been doing this man to woman conversation. I just lean in and kiss and more often than not, she's gonna kiss me back.

My nights will be way more exciting when I'm actually kissing these girls that I'm turning on so much and I can worry about larger problems of logistics and maintaining buying temperature while seeding the pull. While those will be issues, lays will be much easier. I've gotten past this hurdle a few times and once I start kissing, I start doing a lot of the late game stuff naturally. I know how to lead them around and keep asking for the pull. I know how to set up the pull so she gives herself permission to leave me with me cause I know to set it up the pull being my responsibility. I know how to give her some BS reason for getting to her place.

I used to have to tell myself I have to kino escalate to get laid. I used to be so scared to touch girls. I got more comfortable with what I wrote in the first line of this paragraph. I have to kiss the girl, which is just another step in kino escalation. It's like hand holding or the claw or stroking her face. It's not a big deal. It has only been a big deal cause my mind has kept thinking it is.

Time to do this!

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