Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Guys want to # close me & Had the food extraction but didn't close

On my way to the bar, I was talking to a buddy of mine and we talked about solo sarging.  It's a skill I neglected for awhile cause I had several good wings for the past few years.  I knew that I could do it as I started out solo.  It totally different than before.  I had a blast last night, just like I did last Wednesday. 

I started off slow.  I ordered my half price pizza and my pitcher of beer for $2.  The way I drink beer, I was drunk right off the bat but the pizza help moderate things.  These two Latino guys were chilling next to me and watching the game.  People who know me would be surprised that I didn't finish the pizza.  I had a slice left so I offered it to the guys next to me.  They were full so some random dude on my left ate it.  I went to the washroom and when I came out, it was sarging time.

Random wings:
The secret to solo sarging, I think, is that you talk to a few guys.  It helps get you in state and I always say that you have a base(s) of operation to return.  You also have wings if you need them.  I walked out by the dance floor and talk to this group of black guys.  They were cool and I hit it off with this one guy.  I opened two sets near that group but nothing clicked.  I walked back to the sports bar area and opened this chick that was seated near my original starting part.  It was on the other side of the Latino dudes.  The guys were shocked.  I was just some quiet guy eating my pizza and then they see me talking to the girls.  They knew I didn't know that set.  That set went to the dance floor and then I opened these two Latina chicks.  I got to talk to my target cause the Latino guys did a good job of keeping the other girl occupied.

After that, I went out to the dance floor and found that black guy I was friendly with.  I told him to point out girls and I'd open them for us.  He points out these two cuties on the dance floor.  Of course, that's the hardest set for me to open.  Being drunk and in state, and not wanting to look chicken, I went up to the girls.  I think I high fived them.  Then I starting dancing next to this girl with glasses.  My wing started dancing with the other girl.  Soon we were grinding with these girls.  We went on for two songs and then my girl said she didn't want to be rude but she wanted to dance with someone else.

I'm still learning how to dance with girls.  I got solo dancing down.  I'm not an expert but I look competent when I'm by myself and I'll dance on a full or empty dance floor.  I gotta say that it's nice to dance with hot girls.  The girl I was grinding with had a nice ass and I love having my hands around her tiny waist.  It's too bad  I didn't hit it off with her cause it would be nice to be holding onto that waist while having sex with her.

My type of blonde:
 The set of the night was this cute blonde I opened in the sports bar area.  I spotted her as I was going to the bathroom and when I came out, I opened some random set, and then I opened this girl.  She's taller than me.  I think she was wearing heels but she's at least 5'9" or taller regardless.  Of course, that's a huge turn on for me.  She wasn't thin but she wasn't really fat either.  Her body is attractive enough for me.  More importantly, she loves travel as much as me and she's been to some cool places.  She told me she's going to Spain for the last quarter of the year and we hit it off talking about that cause I was there many years ago.  Beyond that, she likes foreign films which I have an interest in as well.

In this set, I made some good moves until the very end.  We were standing and then the friends wanted to go sit down.   I know there were times recently where I would have not felt confident enough to sit down.  I followed them and sat next to my girl.  I got some kino on my girl and she gave me an enthusiastic hug when I requested one later on.  I was a little more aggressive with the claw today but I have to admit that it's still not there as long as it should be if I'm following Ozzie's model (which was the plan tonight).  The girls gave me a beer and I chated for a bit but then the friends wanted to go in back.  I number closed the girl shortly after sitting down.  I had one of those moments where we realized we'd have something cool to do if we hung out again and I just went for the phone number.  This is in contrast to last Wednesday when I had the opportunity to number close the Polish chick when we realized we both love going out for burgers yet for some reason, I didn't pull the trigger last week.  The friends wanted to go in back and I decided not to follow this time.  The girl hugged me again and our faces got close.  We kissed on the cheek which was okay as I didn't feel like the kiss close was ready.

I saw them by the dance floor.  I danced with her and the friend by these speakers.  The third friend seemed shy and wasn't really dancing so I didn't dance with her.  They wanted to go outside for a smoke so we seperated again.  Later, I'd seem them dancing again so I went up and danced with my girl and the other friend again.  I tried grinding with her but it was a little awkward.  She didn't like the rear facing position which I prefer too so that made it harder.  I excused myself cause I was getting tired.  I think that was good as it shows I can go off and do my own thing.  I danced with them again and then my girl went to the bathroom.  They told me they were coming back and asked me to stay.  I always hate waiting for girls in the bathroom unless I'm one-on-one with the girl so I said I'd be out on the dance floor.  I  saw them return but I kept dancing by myself as I have having fun.

The wings:
After I left my girl at the table I wandered around.  I saw the Latino dudes and the one guy said, "Hey man, let me get your number."  I hung with them for a bit and then we got separated and then I found the black guys.  My buddy there wanted my number too.   It's somewhat amusing I guess that these guys want to hang out with me.  I have turned into the club party guy.  What a stark contrast to the guy I used to be before I started this PUA journey. 

At the end of the night, the one Latino dude had a girl with him.  I couldn't remember if she was the girl I opened for him or not.  He was trying to take her to my place.  I asked if she had a friend.  He claimed she did but I didn't see her.  I would have done it if we had a 2-set.  

Should have been a food extraction:
It was late at this point.  I went up front and they had already closed the area.  The bartender still had my ID and credit card.  The guy cleaning told me to go to the office area.  I took care of that and I thought my girl had left so I sent her a text message.  I walked back to the dance floor and I spotted my set.  She was actually showing the text to her friends when I approached.  She was happy to see me.  I remembered the RSD line (I think it's from Brad), "So what are you doing later?"  She replied, "I think we're going for pancakes."

Of course, the move would have been to oversell Clarke's and then bring this set there.  The huge move would have been to bring the Latino dude and his girl there too.  Instead, I did something stupid.  I told the girls I had to go.  I said goodbye to each friend and then to my girl.  WTF?

I knew I had fucked up as soon as I started walking out but I didn't want to seem needy and unsure of myself by going back.  I could have bought myself some time by just hanging out and dancing with my girl some more.  They were about 15 minutes from closing anyway.  It would have been easy to set up the big food extraction.  I had the other Latino guy to occupy the friends too. 

Just going with the girls would have worked.  The friends could have heard my verbal game and probably would have liked me more.  I could have gotten more kino with my girl too.  If I played my cards right, I could have tried to drive her home and go back to her place.

If I venue changed the Latino guys the Latino guys girl(s), and this 3-set, that would have been the shit.  Imagine the social proof from bringing all these people together.  It would have been cooler too when it came out that I had started the night alone.

 My only explanation for my actions were that I guess I haven't totally accepted the reality that this could all be possible.  Tonight was a step in the right direction and I'm sure I'll pull the trigger next time.  I thought I was pulling the trigger when I dropped the Brad line but then the wrong part of me started talking instead. I'm about 95% sure the girls would have come with me to Clarke's too which makes this more of a disappointment.

Anyway, I had an great night that could have turned into something awesome.  I should be able to meet up with this girl again.  I hope I can make it happen.  It still amazes me how I turn a solo night into a total blast.  I love the social person I have become.

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