Saturday, April 9, 2011

Persistance is key

My wing had a great night and I learned once again how key persistence is especially when it comes to the pull.  It was textbook moving around the venue and escalation at the beginning.  I'll make excuses to myself for not moving her around the venue.  This particular venue was small but he still made several moves around and I know I wouldn't have done that so I have to keep that in mind in the future.  Most important was how it took him four attempts to get her to actually walk out the door.  During the first three attempts, as he got to the door, the girl balked and wanted to go find her friends.  Rather than lose state, he just followed her and started talking and escalating and then attempted again. 

It's inspiring when a wing pulls.  It makes us feel like we're finally becoming actual Pickup Artists.  As Hoobie says in Transformations, "If you can't get the lays, then you aren't a P-U-A."   We've both come a long way from the early days.  I foresee more pulls happening in the upcoming months as long as we both stick with this.

I gotta live up to my name.  Poker P-U-A, but I'm not without the lays.  Again, if I want to get the lays, I have to be like I was on Thursday.  "A" game on, and persistent to the end.  I have to believe that the girl can be into me immediately. I have to pull the trigger and move things along and ride past the BS objections that come up.   These skills are all inside me.  I've done this before and I know so much theory.  I know exactly what the moves are, although sometimes I freeze up.  It's a process.  I slowly have to change my internal reality.  I have to let go of the outcome.  Going for the kiss and makeout aren't big deals.  They are a small and necessary step to the pull. 

On a sidenote, I was reading some thread that gave me the kiss close line I'm gonna use until I'm just comfortable going for it without words. 

"I want to kiss you." 

It's that simple.  I have all the mechanics for setting it up down.  My kino is so much better now.  When I'm stroking the back of the girls neck and/or stroking her hair and face and gazing into her eyes, it's time to just mutter those words and lean in the for the kiss. If she turns her head, no big deal.  Just keep talking and try again later.  You actually gain value by going for the kiss and her turning her cheek than being a wuss like I was last night and not kissing her.  As it was said on the Vh1 show, "If you don't kiss a girl when she wants to be kissed, you cause discomfort in a girl."  Some part of my mind must be worried too about making a girl uncomfortable by going for the move.  Of course, I'm doing that which I seek to avoid by not going for it.  Time to step up. 

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