Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Can u pick me up I'm lonely: Day 2 scheduling problems

I just remembered I got texts from that girl I took home on Friday including:

Can u pick me up I'm lonely

Wow.  I guess I could have picked her up and probably got laid.  The thing was, I was drunk at Joe's and busy sarging.  It put things in perspective when it comes to Day 2.  Of course, I'd be more than happy to pick her up but I was doing something. 

I realized that I was worrying too much about not converting some of these number closes.  As Tyler/Owen said long ago, girls live in the emotion of the moment.  They can love you at the club and then hate you on the phone or you can think a girl won't pick up the phone or meet up with you cause it was a short interaction, and then she'll love you.  I get aggravated some time that I haven't had much success getting Day 2's.  I realized though, that some of these Day 2's that respond might actually want to meet up.  In fact, that one girl did come out to meet last Tuesday in that debacle I had.  The thing is that they are busy too.  Like  I wanted to pick up that girl who sent me the text but the logistics were just not feasible that night.  (I did mention picking her up after Joe's but she didn't respond to that and it wouldn't have been possible with the food extraction that ended up happening anyway.)  With some of my number closes, I might not be striking at the right time and I can't expect them to make special time for me.  Club is also just flaky in general when it comes to Day 2's.  The best way to ensure another meeting it to lay the girl.  Of course, that means you were good or at least decent in bed.  When you lay them, the dynamic changes and they usually want to hang out with more.  Of course, you can increase the odds of meeting up again by running a solid interaction.  Kino escalate well, move the girl around the club, extract her for food, etc. 

Bottom line is I should keep in touch with the numbers and keep trying to set up meets. 

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