Thursday, March 31, 2011

Most people don't know how to dance

There's this guy I found on youtube that has some decent free stuff out there.  I was thinking tonight that one day in the future, I'm gonna give the guy the money for the DVD.  The two videos of his that I watched helped me a ton.  He explained how you try to just use 2-3 moves per song and then switch them when the songs switch.  I know about 4 dance moves so the DVD would give me a ton more.  The other good point I got from him was switching styles between certain parts of the song.  When the artist is singing you can do a basic slide, and then you can body rock for the refrain. 

Anyway, I remember watching the guy dancers they had at this club.  I'm watching them and was surprised to see that they weren't that much better than me.  The only thing they had was decent muscle tone and an attractive chest.  They weren't totally ripped either, but I'm sure the girls found them attractive.  I watched the girls too and a lot of them just repeat the same dance moves.  Of course, the guys are just looking at the hotties shaking their asses (breasts too, but I love watching them wiggle their asses).

The only reason I make this post is that I realized that I also gained a lot of confidence from realizing that most people don't really know how to dance.  I suppose one could criticize this confidence as ego based.  If I believe what TD/Owen says in The Blueprint, I shouldn't get confidence from comparing myself to others.  I should find it from with in and I think I have done that also when it involves dancing. 

I think the hired guns, both male and female, did a good job.  I just used to think that everyone knew how to dance except me.  I just turns out that these people getting paid aren't even awesome dancers.  I realize watching them isn't gonna be watching Justin Timberlake, though. 

The one thing I need to practice, though, is dancing with girls and then transitioning to grinding and escalating to the kiss.  I can dance all night by myself but I fumble with this.  I know it's a lot easier when I bring the girl to the dance floor as it's usually on at that point.  I want to be able to do the PlayerSupreme dance floor opener and then get a girl attracted to me solely from dance floor escalation.

Let me close by saying that it amuses me to no end that I love dancing now.  Some of my college friends probably wouldn't believe it as they remembered how I hated it.  If I can get this dance floor game, then I'll have even more girls to choose from in the club.  It'll be cool to be able to open both verbally and on the dance floor and be able to bring girls between the two areas and be competent at both.  

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