Monday, March 14, 2011

It's a start

It's a start

I finally went out sarging Sunday night. I kept saying throughout the night that I should have come back one day earlier cause there are a ton of sets out Saturday night. We were surprised,though, how many people were out for a Sunday. Seagull and I started in Wicker Park. The first places we went to had one or two sets in them but we didn't open. As we were about to go to the car, we stopped in this bar that had a 5 set in it. We were joking around but we were afraid to open for at least twenty minutes. Finally, we decided to leave but I told myself I was gonna open the set as we were walking by on our way out.

As I was approaching, I felt like I had picked a bad time. One girl had her head faced down and was propping it up with both hands. It was like she was frustrated about something. I opened this brunette who smiled and Seagull told me later that a blonde across the taable smiled too. I did the hard part but then I could feel my state drop which I'm sure the girls noticed and I ejected. I know what I did wrong. Whether the girls smile or not, I should have just kept talking and I probably would have hooked the set.

We ended up on Division and two bars had a good amount of people inside. I found this cute blonde from Wisconsin who I opened but she ended up walking away. Seagull took forever to open but I'm glad he finally did.

Next time I go out, I have to focus on opening sets sooner and plowing. Part of me keeps asking myself what I'm supposed to say in set. I know from experience that what I say doesn't matter. There are so many ways to take the set. I can be playful and tease them. I can tell stories. I know I'm just out of practice. I have to open the set and continue with the same confidence that I opened the set with and just keep talking. It's the old adage of staying in set and getting a "no" out of them.

I'm pleased to say my state was great. I felt alive being out. I was in what TD calls the raging brush fire state. I was having a blast. I just couldn't translate that into the sets but I'm sure I will. My only regret is there was this hot brunette with a shell necklace on. I wanted to open her but she was with another girl and some lame looking guy. I know mixed 3 sets are good to open but I didn't feel ready to deal with all that. Excuses that I hope to avoid next time I'm out. Regret is always the worst ting to feel about a set. I'd feel better if I opened her and she told me to fuck off cause at least I know I tried. I'll remember that the next time I have hesitation about opening.

I'm also happy that I still maintain my confidence in dancing. I'm not opening sets on the dance floor but I was still able to go out and dance to whatever song I liked. I went on and danced alone on the dance floor cause I've really learned to not care what people think. This is still a huge thing for me cause of basically my entire life, until the past year and a half, I was terrified of being on the dance floor.

A funny thing happened at Leg Room. I was dancing by myself on the dance floor and some dude started dancing next to me. Then, he got closer to me and his body was touching me like he was trying to dance with me. I figured he was just messing with me so I grinded on him for a few seconds. He seemed to want to keep doing it but I didn't. I'm not into guys but I'm comfortable with myself to grind on the dude for a few seconds. I laughed and pulled away and started dancing with myself.

Anyway, we're going out Monday even though we know it's gonna be slow. Unfortunately, Seagull is going out of town for the rest of the week or I'm sure we'd sarge every day. I suppose I should try to get out for St Patrick's Day.

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