Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dancing, but not opening at after hours

Dancing, but not opening at after hours

I ended up leaving after I got busted out of my set by the obstacle. I saw Herschey waiting for the bus so I decided to give him a ride home. I was disappointed with getting busted out, but I still was feeling the high from experiencing that awakening regarding opening with intent. He showed me some stuff about online game at his place. I starting driving towards my house, but when I hit the Edens Expressway, I decided to extend the night by hitting Division Street.

I actually kept debating whether to go or not, but finally I said that I'll have fun no matter what happens. I did have fun, but I hate to admit that I didn't very little opening. I opened one girl for like 20 seconds and didn't plow. Near the end of the night, I opened this cute, nerdy looking girl with glasses. A song came on that I liked and wanted to dance to so I ejected. Of course, the move would have been to take her to the dance floor.

Time to push dance floor comfort level:
Dance floor no longer scares me. I've established that for certain after tonight. I went out and dance several times, including one time where there was only two people on the dance floor. For moments, I would think about how people might be watching me but I just zoned in my own world and kept dancing. Keep in mind that I don't really know how to dance. I understand the idea of moving with the beat, and I know a few basic moves, but that's all.

Now that I'm comfortable dancing on an empty or full dance floor, I need to push my limits. I need to start opening girls on their and dancing with them. This chubby blonde actually danced with me at one point. She had been dancing with this black guy but for Katy Perry's "Firework," she and I were the only ones one the dance floor. She came near me and we made eye contact. I got a little closer and danced with her, but I didn't do anything more. I could have spun her, and got close, or just did a better job of actually dancing with her, but I didn't. Regardless, I think this experience will help me in the upcoming days as I feel like I'll be more comfortable trying to actually dance with girls.

All these sets:
Sometimes I think that I don't need state. In some ways that's true. I can start the night and just from driving there and listening to some music, I am able to open as soon as I walk into the bar. Well, that's how it was today. I guess the past few days haven't been like that.

Saturday and today, when I got to Division, even after having a good nights both times prior to getting there, I just wouldn't open. To be honest, it was probably because the drive makes me get out of state, plus both times I was alone. I was with a buddy on Saturday, but he went to a different bar. I didn't want to pay cover so I went to this one no cover bar that I always go to.

Besides being alone, both times I've choded around. When I'm walking around not opening, I think I tell myself I can open cause I had done so already that night. The act of walking around makes me lose momentum. I have to treat it like the start of the night. I need to open as soon as I walk in and build up state again.

There were two cute blondes that I wish I had opened. It hurts me to admit that this happens to me. As I'm writing this, I'm convinced it's a state thing combined with how loud and crowded the venue has been. If I just open anything when I walk in, then I'll probably tear up the place like I used to. This bar is the one Seagull and I got the beach set out of so if anything I should have more confidence here.

I think I'll do better next time cause I realize finally what's causing my problem.

Still, I had fun. I never thought that I'd like dancing but I actually do now. Dancing was fun and I almost can't believe how deathly afraid I used to be about getting out there. Instead of going home, I extended my night so I have to give myself credit for that. I hope to go out again tonight and build momentum for this weekend.

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