Sunday, March 20, 2011

Entertainer guy down, need more intent... btw, cold sores don't matter

Entertainer guy down, need more intent... btw, cold sore don't matter

I got this cold sore outbreak, probably because I've been stressing my body by running again when I stopped for four months. The stats say most people have this virus (80%), and most people get it as kids. It's still annoying. I used it as an excuse to go out for St Patty's, but some college friends were going out so I decided to go out anyway today. I figured I wouldn't kiss any girls even if the opportunity presented itself cause of the cold sore, but beyond that, I wasn't guaranteed to get that far anyway. I wanted to put in more practice cause I know it will payoff later in the year. Besides, I figured it would be a good exercise. If I could approach with this handicap, then I have no excuse when everything is find. I text G on a whim and it turned out he wanted to go out, which was cool.

We started at this bar that has beers from around the world. There were a few mixed sets but I only did on approach. I did the big ass purse opener but I hadn't calibrated my voice properly so I wasn't speaking load enough. I wanted to approach this cute brunette in a mixed set but I chickened out.

We went out to Wicker Park and I was happy to eat my free pizza at Crocodile. I opened a 3 set there for practice but it didn't go anywhere. We went downstairs despite the $3 cover. I wanted to skip the cover but G insisted on going down there and then he wanted to leave. There were some sets there but it was a difficult place to approach.

Thing turned around at the third bar. These fiesty, petite, but hot latina chicks bumped into G and he joked around with them. I thought the girl liked him but G didn't try to open her again after she left. As we were walking to the front, I opened a 2-set. G said that he likes my simple, "Hi, my name is Teddy" opener. The opener really doesn't matter now as I got opening down. These girls messed with me and the one told G that his friend (me) busted out. She said it in a joking way that I felt like I could have kept plowing, but instead I turned around and opened this 3-set.

G gave me props for opening the seated set cause he said he wouldn't have done it. I know I'm getting back to my PUA self when I can just turn around and open and hook another set just like that. One girl in the set seemed to be really high buying temperature. G ended up talking to her. I actually got to work on this really cute brunette with and Icelandic ethnic background.

Thinking back on the set, I think I needed to show more intent. The girls liked both of us and were happy to talk to us but I just didn't get that "it's on" feeling. I know that it's because I didn't try to kino escalate enough and show intent. What that means, is that I have to project that there is something more her than just fun conversation. I have to kino more, and give her the laser eye contact. I had to show her sexual intent. I think RSD Tim puts it as making her feel like she's in danger of being fucked behind the dumpster.

As they say in the community guy, entertainer guy doesn't get laid. It's the sexworthy guy that does. That's my lesson for tonight.

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