Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Great deals at Joe's, but bad night sarging

I finally got out to Joe's on Weed St in Chicago.  They have an awesome deal for Tuesdays.  If you get there before 9pm, it's $3 cover.  Pizzas are half price.  We got an 18" 1/2 sausage pizza for like $8.  We also had two pitchers of beer for $4.  The beer is what is most ridiculous.  I drank most of the 1st pitcher and I just gave away most of the 2nd pitcher to the people next to us cause I wanted to be able to driver home after closing. 

I was out with Sidegames.  I had him walk with me into this set but he had to go home and go to sleep as he works early.  I opened a bunch of sets after eating.  I guess the highlight of the night was this fat, short Latina girl liked me.  I guess I opened her at some point after dinner.  I remember that I was standing by the bathroom and when she walked by, she yelled out my name.  Later, she saw me again and dragged me over to her friends.  Her brother was there and a bunch of relatives.  I didn't really feel like dealing with that for a girl that I didn't really want to hook up with so I left.

There were two other decent sets.   My favorite was this girl from Germany.  I felt like we had a good conversation going but then she suddenly said she had to get back to her friend.  I thought it was a huge set, but when she left to go to the friend, I realized the friend had been standing there bored the whole time.  The other set was this girl from New York.  She walked away from me at one point.  To my credit, I approached her again, but nothing happened.

I guess I need dance floor game.  I was out on the dance floor a few times and there were some cute girls by me.  I feel like such an idiot cause I just can't bring myself to open them.  It's like a paralyzed when it comes to dance floor opening.  I mention this every entry I think and every time I go out, I swear to myself that I'm gonna open some sets there.

Overall, it was a shitty night.  I guess I gave it a good effort and one girl did like me.  Tonight puts the other nights in perspective.  Usually, there are 2-3 sets that are really on but tonight it was one, or I'd say, half a set.  I was really hoping to try some kiss closes but I'm sure there will be some opportunities next time.  

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