Sunday, March 20, 2011

Suddenly realized that my verbal game is tight & Free tour research

Suddenly realized that my verbal game is tight & Free tour research

Today I spent watching PUA videos. I also have been researching this RSD free tour that's coming to Chicago soon. I'm most likely gonna sign up for it tonight. There is a catch but that's obvious. First, when you checkout, you have to make sure to uncheck a button that automatically signs you up for a monthly series that will charge you extra and keep charging you until you cancel. The second catch is that you have to make sure to e-mail them after the tour to get your money back. Next, they'll try to dissuade you from wanting to get your money back. Finally, they'll try to get you to sign up for their pay program(s) that weekend.

Of course, I understand all this and am not bothered by it. I understand that they are a business and are trying to make money and develop money making opportunities through this free tour series. It's like what my mother and stepfather do when they go on these time share things when on vacation. They take advantage of the free stuff but make sure to never convinced to buy the rip off time share. It's like this coral jewelry making tour I went to in Honolulu with my girlfriend at the time. They tour gave you a basic free lunch, but you were a little pressured into buying stuff. The tour lets off right into their gift shop. We didn't buy anything and enjoyed the free transportation and lunch.

Verbal game:
While researching, I found a thread here about the RSD program on the fastseduction website. I have a soft spot for that forum as it my first Pickup forum that I ventured on as it was mentioned in the last pages of "The Game." The review is in depth and the part about physical game hit me. Intent and physical game are my weakness right now. I had this epiphany, though, that my verbal is REALLY strong. I often seem like I beat myself up on this blog. I try to focus on when I went wrong as I find that how I can best concentrate on fixing that in the future.

After being back sarging for three sessions, I'm surprised how my material is just spewing out. Saturday night, there was a 2-set that I didn't mention in my report. There was this cute dyed blonde girl that happened to be my age. I found her really attractive but the set was just boring as G confirmed afterwards. I couldn't get anything to click and I was plowing through with all my material. I was surprised how that stuff just comes out.

I also remembered that 3-set. I was creating new material on the fly. I guess it's the part of me that liked creative writing in the past. In sets, I can often relate experiences or describe thing in vivid language that seems to create an emotional response in the girl. It's beyond the words. I guess experience has taught me how to alter my tonality, slow down my words at the appropriate times and even create small, dramatic pauses to emphasize certain key points. Beyond that, when I can feel the emotions when I describe certain travel experiences or enlightening moments in my past and by state transference, the girls feel that too.

Now, if I can just improve my physical game, I will have amazing results very soon.

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