Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I realized I like Tyler/Owen cause I'm a lot like him

I've been reading "The Game" again.  I finally got to the part of the book where Tyler of RSD enters the scene.  Style casts Tyler as the bad guy in the book.  The funny thing is that it was this role that made me seek out Tyler and RSD material in the first place.  I remember I loved his material cause I'm a theory junkie and even Style admits that no one could deconstruct social interactions as well as Tyler.  Tyler's old "25 points post" and "AMOG techinques" helped me out a ton when  I was first starting out. 

What I realized this time around was how similar I was to Tyler when Style describes his first night out with Tyler.  Style had taken Papa and Tyler out to this club to watch one of his girlfriends do a burlesque   show.  Some of Style's female friends were at the outing too.  Style said he introduced Tyler and Tyler basically said hi and sat silent the remainder of the time.  When asked why he didn't talk, Tyler later said that he didn't know what routines Style had used on them already and he didn't want to risk repeating anyway. 

Reading this section again reminded me of two experiences I had with Dahunter early on in my sarging career.  Dahunter was this aspiring mPUA that became an instructor for MM about 6 months after I had stopped sarging with him.  One time, I was at Dahunter's apartment to pick up to go sarging and he had three girls there.  He hadn't mentioned this to me and was surprised when he opened the door.  I didn't know what to say so I said hi and immediately went to the bathroom.

An even worse experience was when I went out with him to this PUA meeting at this bar.  There were a ton of good looking girls but I didn't want to open anyone.  Like Tyler in Style's story, I didn't know what to say.  I was afraid of repeating routines or even just the opener.

Of course, I can laugh about this now.  The memories are another reminder of how far I've come in the game.  I guess I've made two posts abou in some way ot my growth in the game cause I want feel entitled to have the girls that are attracted to me now.  I realize it's inner game that's holding me back.  In my head, I know I focus too much on my screw ups instead of my strengths and successes. 

The second example above is really a huge change.  I think back to when I first started sarging.  All I had were routines and canned material.  I knock that stuff now, but I realize how necessary it was back then.  I used to be so nervous when talking to girls.  I forced myself to approach but I remember my heart thumping in chest cause I was so nervous.  The routines gave me something to say when I was so nervous I'd have a hard time trying to control that and come up with stuff to say on the fly.  With the routines, I had something consistent to say so I could focus my resources on controlling that nervousness.  Also, the routines also artificially created positive responses in girls that served to help pump my state and give me reference material that girls could react positively to me and be attracted to me. 

I had a breakthrough moment back then that I recognize now which involves openers.  I used to use the tent opener.  There was an opener on the list of openers on fastseduction that read simply, "Would you date a guy who lived in a tent?"  I liked how ridiculous it sounded and wanted to use it.  I ended up creating a whole routine and opened countless sets with it.

Nowadays, I not to use as much canned stuff, though I find myself telling many of the same stories in sets.  The thing that's different is that these aren't canned stories or routines that I memorized from reading archives or from a website.  They are real stories from my life and the few routines I use are ones I created from my own imagination that mimic pickup methods that work.  For example, I have two or three routines I use to create attraction through "future adventures projection."  That method is basically that you create some funny or creative situation when a girl pictures you two doing something together. 

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