Monday, March 28, 2011

The new blog begins

I actually starting blogging on blogspot back in 2005 I believe.  I started a few months before I discovered "The Game."  I rambled about certain theories I had about the universe and the world.  Then, I started sarging and decided it would be a good way to track my progress and analyze my nights out.

At some point, I started posting my reports on my myspace page.  I estimate that I have several hundred posts there.  Unfortunately, the new blog format doesn't allow you to go back to old posts easily.  I need that feature.  Hitting the "Back" button tons of times is not a good interface.  I did some research and found a post from someone on January 2011 complaining about this same thing.  That same person also commented that it's hard to migrate you entire blog from that site too.  He manually moved all his stuff over.  I'd like to do that but probably won't have time.  For right now, I decided I'm moving the posts from the last two weeks.  My new journey began two weeks ago so it's fitting in a way to start the new blog with those posts.

Anyway, back to blogspot cause I've always like the way this site makes it easy to go through old posts.  I have my adventures will be more exciting than ever before.

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