Friday, March 25, 2011

Solid 2 set number close & Zombig Apocalypse

Solid 2 set number close & Zombie Apocalypse

Tonight, part of me didn't want to go out but I also wanted to build momentum for this weekend. Seagull and I are gonna go out Friday so I wanted to get more practice in. I got further motivation from hearing stories about a distant friend finally getting two 3-way experiences with two girls and Seagull telling me about some make outs he had while he was on spring break.

I went to this place I haven't been to in awhile. I remember they had some country/rock band last summer when I went there on a Thursday. As you walk to the front door, you pass by the windows of the bar area. I didn't want to value scan the windows as I was walking by but that also prevented me from seeing if there were any sets. I ended up just walking upstairs as there was no cover. The band was really loud. There were a bunch of girls including this tall Latina chick by they were all in front by the stage area. I just sang along with two songs and then I decided to go back downstairs as the band started to play a song I didn't like.

At this point, I haven't opened a single person. I decide to walk to the bar area and I told myself I was gonna open the first decent looking set that I saw. As I'm walking, I see this seated two set. I open them similar to my good sets on Wednesday night. I walked right up to the girl I liked and showed intent from the beginning. For people who know my preferences, strangely my targeted ended up being this brunette rather than the blonde.

It's great when two girls are giving you IOI's:

I remember after being in this set for like 15 minutes, I just had this moment where I really appreciated how far I had come. This has happened in the past, but it's been so long that I can' even remember the last time I ran a 2-set solo. When I've been off by myself, I've usually tried to pull a girl off a bigger set or tried mixed 3-sets with two girls and one guy. It's actually too bad that I didn't have a wing cause both girls were cool and fun.

I knew my target liked me, but what struck me at the time was how the blonde kept gazing into my eyes too. I can also remember two times where the conversation had a moment of silence. Those two times, the blonde keep things going by asking me questions.

As I'm working this two set, I tried to kino my target when I could. I feel like I didn't do that much kino but it's not like I didn't do any either. I wasn't afraid to escalate, I was just unsure of how much to do since I was stuck in a 2-set with no wing. If I had a wing, I could have isolated my girl somewhere else, or at least have had some one-on-one time with her where I could have don't more intimate kino.

Number close:

Thinking back, when we vibed on both liking Thai food, I probably could/should have said, "Oh, awesome. We gotta go out and get some Thai food" and number closed then. Instead, the bartender told us it was last call so I knew I had to make my move. I didn't want to be grabbing her number as they were walking out. That seemed too much like what most guys would do and I wanted to be slightly different. I also didn't want to just ask for her number.

What I ended up doing was being aware of my time constraint and just talking. When she giggled about something, I knew she was at an emotional spike, so that's when I threw it in. I didn't use any of my cute lines that I've used in the past. I just said, "We gotta hang out again." She agreed and said something like, "We (looking at her friend) go out a lot." I said "Give me your number."

After this, I did standard community stuff. We kept talking for a few more minutes so that I didn't fall into the usual # close pattern of taking the number and leaving. We talked until the light came on about 5 minutes later. I shook the blonde girl's hand and told her it was nice meeting here. Then as my girl stood up from her stool, and told her to give me a hug.

Just as I was about to post this, I decided to add this section. Tonight was a reminder of how going alone can be fruitful and doesn't matter. Guys also feel self coscious about being out there alone. Several gurus learned from going out alone and I used to do it myself way back in the beginning. It's great cause you either sit or stand by yourself and be lame or you learn to force yourself to talk to people. You can talk to guys so you have base to go to during the night, or just jump into talking to girls. BTW, the girls asked me if I was alone early on. I just said, "Yeah" and kept talking. It didn't matter at all. The only way it matters is if you let it bother you. An AFC might have answered that by qualifying himself. For example, he might have said,"Ummm.. Well, I normally don't go out alone.."

Zombie Apocalypse:

I went to the bathroom as I didn't want to walk out with them, though I suppose I could have walked them to their car. In any case, I had to take a piss. As I'm walking out, I open this mixed set just to do so. They recommend that I go to Coach House, but I thought Cadillac Ranch would be better. Like Wednesday night, I debated going home on a high note or pressing forward. I felt like going home was the easy way and I wanted to push things along. I was happy with meeting a really cool girl and number closing but I also wanted to try to pull, if possible.

Well, Caddy was TOTALLY dead. There was no cover. I walked in and there were about 5 customers. I immediately opened this Latino guy and his girl. I ordered a drink as I told myself I was gonna have a drink here, plus there was nothing else to do. As I'm sitting there in this place, I'm thinking about how dead it is. I've never seen that place that empty at 1-2am. It was busier one Sunday after Christmas and one New Years Day evening, which you think would be slower days.

I told this set that I felt like I was in some zombie apocalypse movie. It was like the place was dead cause maybe people knew something that I didn't. Some impending doom was coming and they were off running while we were in this bar oblivious. They giggled. I felt pretty creative for coming up with some random BS like that. I'm gonna drop that in again this weekend at some point.

I ended up staying an hour since I had one drink. I figured there was a chance more people would come. About 6-8 more people came, but only three were girls. Each of the girls had come in with their own guy.

I wanted to practice social freedom by dancing on a totally empty dance floor in an empty place, but I didn't. I blame it on the music. It was some techno crap that I just couldn't dance to at the time. I really feel that if they had played familiar music, I would have danced by myself there.

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