Thursday, March 31, 2011

From angry mood from poker to Owning the club

Last night started out horribly.  I played poker for the first time in months.  I was hoping for a good start but I suppose this is better in certain ways.  I made a horrible tight-weak fold cause I was out of practice.  A fish bet 20 in to a 115 pot and I folded a winner.  Then, I want to leave cause the table is shitty but I know I have a chance to take this other guy's money.  I also wanted to put in a few hours before I went to the bar.  I get KK and bust out into AA.  Beautiful.  

Standard stupid poker story, but I mention it cause I was in a horrible mood.  I was just pissed off at myself for the bad play and then for not leaving.  You should always leave if you don't want to play, especially if it's a tight table.  I was halfway to Cadillac Ranch though so I figured I might as well go.  I knew it was gonna be a challenge to snap out of it, but I also knew Caddy has good drink specials.   

I walked in and there was no cover.  I ordered my drink.  I saw several sets but I knew I was still pissed so I didn't want to ruin those sets until I fixed my state.  The alcohol helped.  Since I had 3 2-sets to deal with, I decided to recruit this guy to be my wing.  I had talked to him briefly while ordering my drink.  As I looked around for potential wings, he seemed to be the most chill guy in my field of vision. 

I guess I chose well as he did a good job holding the attention of the obstacle in my first set.

Traveling Polish Girl:
I love Polish girls and I somehow always end up finding them whenever I want.  The two set was a blonde and a brunette and I really hit it off with the brunette.  I had told my new wing to show up if I was in a set for a few mins.  It's good that I did that as he showed up and started talking to the blonde after I introduced him.  Thinking back on it, I was ignoring her cause I was really captivated by the brunette (let't call her 'Travel girl'.).  He actually gave me isolation too as he went outside to smoke with the blonde.

Travel girl had actually been to Vietnam and Cambodia so we shared some stories.  Her favorite food is hamburgers and she hadn't heard of my usual favorite places: Paramount Room, Kuma's and Paradise Pup.  I actually should have number closed her there, but I didn't.

Later, I find out she's going to Australia for 3 months in a week.  That put the damper on a number close in my mind.  I felt like I needed to try to pull her tonight cause the number was gonna be useless.  Thinking about it now, I probably should have number closed her when the burgers came up and seen what happened. 

We were having great conversation but the blonde was ready to leave.  I felt like I could talk to travel girl for hours but we didn't have that "it's on" moment that I always talk about.  That would happen crazily in another set. 

Here's where I'm somewhat of a dumb ass.  I know they are about to leave.  This Lady Gaga song comes on that I like and I want to dance.  I try to pull her over there and she doesn't want to go.  I went to go dance to it.  Then I took a piss and this other song I really like came on, so I danced to that.  BTW, the dance floor was completely empty but it didn't stop me from going out there.  Unfortunately, the girls left by the time I went to look for them.  That wing guy left to, I wonder if he was smart enough to venue change them. 

Part of me thought about how RSD Tim talked about how he likes to be unpredictable at the club.  He talks about wandering off at random times.  I think it was okay to wander off, but not when I know they are minutes from leaving. 

I guess I opened girls on the dance floor:

When I saw my girls had left, I went back on the dance floor.  I danced for a song and then walked up to this 4-set as this song I liked was playing.  There was a cute brunette there.  I did the intent intro opener on her.  She was there for another girls birthday.  I tried getting my  target to dance but she said she hated this Jay Sean song that was on.  I then wandered to this neighboring set.  It was a bunch of fat girls but they were having fun dancing.  I just started dancing with them.  I was in a grinding sandwich at one point.  I left after a song cause I wanted to try to find something better.  I'm not opposed to hooking up with fat girls; I've done it in the past and it helped me out.  I just don't feel like I need to get laid that badly right now.  I'm cool just heading home to a porno if I can't pull a good looking girl. 

Girls opened me on the dance floor:
Like three different girls started dancing with me on the dance floor.  This shy Asian girl came for like 10 seconds and then giggled and ran off.  The one of interest was this Latina girls with dyed blonde hair.  She and a friend approached me on the dance floor.  The friend was large, but the Latina girl was cute.  I dance with the Latina one for a bit and then the fat one as I know you're supposed to dance with both girls.  The fat one ended up wandering off and leaving me with this girl.  I danced for like two songs but I needed a break at this point.  I tried to pull her off the dance floor but she didn't want to go.  I didn't really grind with her.  Perhaps I should have escalated more.  I had put my arm on her shoulder and I put my hands on her waist but that was it.

I opened the hottest girl in the club with no hesitation:
Of course, it's subjective who the hottest girl in the club was, but this was the girl I'd want out of all the ones there.  This random guy that I was friendly with is the one who said she was the hottest one in the club when I kept point her out.  There was this seated 3-set early in the night with this thin, adorable blonde.  I opened her.  She started telling me that she does this pyro show for the club.  Reading "The Game," made me say, "Does she always brag like this?" to the friends and of course they giggled.  I probably should have used Mystery's neg too as this girl needed it.  It was too bad I realized they were hired guns when I was already in the set.

My girl was boring though.  She doesn't travel and doesn't do much really.  She told me she wasn't even 21 and mentioned work again.  I've been told a lot of  hot girls having boring personalities.  Obviously, that's not always true, but supposedly, many hot girls don't have fully developed personalities cause they've been taken care off from a very early age.  Guys always want to do stuff for them and they are always the center of attention.

I ended up leaving the set but I guess I wasn't really busted out.  Well, maybe.  I remember her saying, "I'm just here to work."

About fifteen minutes later, I saw the girl doing her show.   She was on the dance floor with this huge hula hoop with flashing lights.  She was adorable.  The club also had two shirtless male dancers come out and four hot girl dancers, but this blonde was hotter than those girls.  The girls they hire are these petite girls with nice little asses in like lingerie bottoms.  They are hot, but they seem to be equivalent to girls I see out on a Friday night.  Maybe 8's or 9's, but it's Bartlett, IL.

I was disappointed there was no fire, but later I saw her outside twirling this hula hoop around her that had real flames on it.  The girl has some skills in addition to being a hottie.

Kiss close, but friends walked in :(
I kept thinking about this set and I'm convinced I was gonna go for the kiss, but maybe I should have moved sooner.  I remember turning this corner at the bar and seeing this cute girl with blonde hair sitting on a chair.  I did the Intent-intro opener and she responded well.  Immediately, I could tell she had high buying temperature.  She kept giggling and looking into my eyes.  My kino was good for once.  Usually, I'm slow but the high buying temperature alarm kicked my game into gear.  I remember actually starting to get turned on, which doesn't happen that often when I approach.  We talked about some stuff that I don't really remember.   I just remember kinoing.  I put my arm around her, and I swear she moved closer to me.  I remember teasing her and then moving up close and looking down into her eyes in this dominant posture. 

In my head, I'm screaming, "Yes, this is on."  I was wondering where this was Tuesday.  Haven't had a moment like this since Saturday.  I'm getting ready to start stroking her hair to set up the kiss and then this girl and this guy walk up.  I get introduced to the girl.  The guy is just standing there.  I never figured out their relation.  I remember pizza got mentioned and my target walked over to the pizza.  I'm chatting with the two friends and then suddenly the other girl walks away and I'm stuck talking to the guy.  I think the other girl mentioned they were leaving soon.  They must have left as I didn't see them again.

I guess I should have walked over to the pizza and tried to start things up again.  If those damn friends had show up a few minutes later, I bet I would have been making out with this girl.  It was so on.  

That's the Pickup Artist moment.  I just love when I'm in a set, and we're gazing into each others eye.  I love how we can't stop smiling and giggling and my touch just seems to create more energy.  Of course, there are other key moments, but this moment is the one that starts everything rolling. 

Failed "Matrix" move:
I made what turned out ot be a creepy move on the dance floor, but I'm glad I made the attempt.  I also think this experience is gonna help me out with dance floor approaches.  I finally got to feel what a total blow off on the dance floor feels like.  It's like that first rejection when I first approached.  I feared about how it would feel and I know it's not that bad and not a big deal.

There was this 2-set on the dance floor that guys kept approaching.  No one was getting anywhere until this black guy came up and started dancing the with the hotter girl.  The other girl was cute too.  She was standing there for a moment.  My move would have been to come in then.  I had sort of opened them earlier.  I had high fived the girls but didn't try to dance with them.  Instead, I kept dancing by myself and I saw this tall white dude come up.  He was just standing there talking to her.  He was saying enough to hold her attention, but he was leaning in and also he wasn't dancing. 

In my head, I suddenly thought, "This is time for a Matrix move.  My move is to get her dancing and spin her away from that guy."

I guess it was the competition that motivated me to do something.  I was hesitant so it took me like 2-3 minutes, but I decided to go for it.  I made my move wrong.  If I were to try again, I'd dance more so she could see me and then make eye contact with her.  I  then move close and then try to spin her away.  Instead, I just went in and grabbed her arm to try to spin her.  I don't think she expected it so it was creepy.  Blah.  I moved to another part of the dance floor in embarassement.

Yeah, I made a shit move, but again, I'm happy I did.  I'm sure I would have regretted not taking action.  That's what hurts the most in sarging.  I could have or should have done X, but instead I did nothing.  If I'm willing to try something like this, then I should have no fear during the proper dance floor approach.  Yeah, girls will blow me off, but girls will also dance with me.  It's not like I haven't danced and grinded with girls before.  The rejections won't be as bad as this one was so I have nothing to gear.

Owning the club:
I danced with this 3 girls near the end of the night.  It was more of that friend circle dance as I never really separated the girls so I could dance with them individually.  I had a blast though and totally changed my state.  The poker bust off no longer bothered me and doesn't bother me now.  I just loved how I got out there and did stuff alone.  I recruited a random guy who winged me well.  I created some other guy friends so I had a few bases to stop by.  Now that I'm on the dance floor all the time, I really don't need bases anymore, but it's still fun. 

If someone were observing me, it would not look like I came into the club alone.  It would look like I knew a bunch of people there.  Wow, how this game has changed me.

Let met just close by saying that some guy said I gave him the confidence to go on the dance floor.  I used to  fear getting on the dance floor cause I feared people making fun of me.  I suppose it helps now that I have the general idea of dancing so I don't look like a fool.  When I'm out there on an empty dance floor, girl have to notice.  It shows a lot of confidence to do that.  It's cool that I give guys confidence to get out there and dance too.  I remember high fiving this guy later in the night cause he was out there by himself and that's what he said that he had seen me out there and felt comfortable coming out too.  

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