Sunday, December 2, 2012

Jumped on the grenade so Crazyfoot could pull

I feel weird writing this, but I might be one of the best wings someone could have.  I'm not the best in terms of game, and when I'm off, I can bust out a set quickly, though usually, I'll refrain from even going into the set if I'm in that head space.  I'll help my wings even if it's a really fat or ugly girl.  I do that for the practice and experience and because I believed in following the wing rules I learned from when I started.  I help wings in these situations because ideally, they'll do the same for me when the time comes.  

I was especially suited for the task at hand with Crazyfoot today.  The friend in question was this Irish girl who about probably a 6 in terms of looks, but she had a horrible attitude.  She was drunk and in addition to talking shit to me, she talked shit to this bouncer in front of one of the after hours places, and was even talking shit to this cop who happened to be on duty on that street.  I was doing my best to be friendly and to keep her away from the girl Crazyfoot was working.  

Speaking of Crazyfoot, he was on fire on the street.  He got into some girl's car in front of Paris Club, but he let it stall out because he was worried about driving his friend home.  I told him that I would drive the friend home and I ended up almost having to do it with this set.  He lost that girl who's car he had gotten in, but 10 minutes later, he's all up on some girl in front of the after hours place down the street.  

A lot of guys would have not been able to keep the warpig girl distracted, or been able to put up with the shit she was talking.  I just thought of a story 2j had told me earlier how these two fat girls had pissed him off because they had talked shit to me.  This particular warpig was beyond obnoxious.  When I first met her, she kept pretending she was gonna throw up on me.  Then, she started making fun of my Chicago accent, even though she was obviously from Chicago also.  Then, she started trying to mess up Crazyfoot's sarge by saying to her friend, "Do you want to fuck this guy?"  Later, she started talking shit to the bouncer saying he wanted him to fuck me up the ass.  I swear it was something like that.  The guy kept telling her to go away, and I was actually trying to drag her away so she wouldn't get herself into trouble.  

At one point, the girl even said to me:

Wow.  I can't get you into a bad mood, can I?
Nope, she couldn't.  I thought it was funny and I knew what she was doing.  2j and I had talked about warpigs like this.  She was so miserable so she acted this way as a way to protect her ego.  Of course everyone was mean to her because she was acting this way.  She was afraid to be nice because then she'd expose herself to her true self actually being disliked or rejected.  It's an extreme version of what we PUA's do when we do a half ass sarge and don't put our true selves out there.  I was guilty of that multiple times today.  Rather that putting my true personality out there, there were many times when I held back as a way of protecting my ego.  

I suppose I see through the Matrix now.  There are three reasons why she couldn't pull me into her negative frame.  First, I've been sarging for so long that I've been through so much shit.  I've let guys and girls put me through the grinder and let myself feel like shit.  Nintendo asks how I can take shit talk, well, I've dealt with it and let it bother me before and I learned not to do that.  Furthermore, I'm just immune to it now.  First, you just have to ignore it and convince yourself not to be bothered, and then you really stop caring what other people think about you.  The second reason she couldn't pull me into her negative frame is what I explained in the previous paragraph . I knew what she was doing to herself.  I knew she was being fucked up to protect her fragile self, and I felt sorry for her.  She got into that cab alone, probably jealous of her friend because she chose to be miserable.  Beyond that, I know it she let me, I would have showed her a good time.  I don't necessarily mean sexually, although that is a possible element, but if she would have just dropped the bitch attitude, my positive frame would have swept over her and improved her night.  The final reason that she couldn't pull me into a negative frame is related to the first.  I'm harder on myself than most people could be on me.

I won't let strangers pass judgement on me, but I go wrong because I pass even harder judgement on myself that most people would anyway.  More on that in my next post.  

I'll close by saying what I told Crazyfoot.  When a wing is able to pull because of my help, I almost feel as good as if I pulled myself.  Almost...  Seriously, I get this good feeling that fills my body knowing I did my best to help it happen for my wing.  Some guys get a bruised ego and feel shitty.  I feel good and feel inspired that I can make it happen for myself in the future.   

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