Sunday, December 30, 2012

All the moves are clear now and she gave me help

My sleep schedule is so messed up that all I could do is roll around in bed.  I was hoping to get 2-3 hours of sleep before the Sunday football games begin but looks like I won't get any.

Of course, I kept thinking about last night.  At time, I had myopia in the heat of the moment.  As I reflect on in more in hindsight, it is like I put on a pair of glasses and I see all the possible moves I could have made.

More importantly, it made me understand a point Nintendo was trying to make during out debriefing meal.  While he admitted that many scenarios repeat themselves, he said I need to figure out a way to not get lost in the moment like I did and have a way to plan for the unexpected.

I think the solution is I need to get myself in more of these situations.  I also have to have some plan, even a little plan for how I can pull. Yes, I've been telling my wings, "We're gonna pull this week!"  I think a small part of me had faith it would happen but I didn't even plan how I could pull or even think about late game fundamentals.  I shouldn't be surprised that I got lost as it's not like I've had that much end game experience on top of not even thinking about it.  If anything, last night will prevent me from not having some pulling plans each night for the near future.  I remember discussing our plans for what to do after the first venue.  We contemplated various after hours bars and then I added, "Wait, we have to include the possibility that we can pull.  If we don't even consider that, we aren't really believe we can do it."  What I did was a bit like not carrying condoms, and the lack of even minor planning on my part hurt me.

Next, I think I just need to again just think fundamentals.  It's so clear that this was like that old game stuff I read long ago about how you get up to a girl's apartment after a Day 2.  Yes, this was a hotel, and it was complicated by the girls all being in the same room, but if I had even though of the fundamentals, I might have  been less lost.  The simple rules I can remember is that you make up some excuse for you to come inside.  As I've said, the pizza was a reason.  The next thing is to put a false time constraint.  I could have said, "I can't stay too long, but why don't I come up for a second to warm up and I'm curious how the rooms here compare to other hotels I've been to in the city."

I think the girl was throwing me some help, but she wasn't gonna do it all for me:

It's funny that I keep complaining about how all my pulls have involved dealing with a bunch of resistance.  I know pulling is often like that, but I also said I was a bit envious of not ever getting thrown some easy ones like Andydufresne gets, or even like Nintendo has gotten.  Nintendo said one of his first pulls after starting pickup was just telling this girl, "Let's get the fuck out of here" and she agreed and left with him.  I said that part of my problem of never getting easy pulls is that I obviously don't go for the pull often enough, and how can I expect to get an easy one if I've never even thrown out something blatantly obvious like Nintendo did.
I guess it's good that my knowledge of theory prevents me from throwing a Hail Mary pass like that when I can methodically do things correctly.

I think this was a set that was gonna give me the least resistance I can honestly expect.  She gave me little.  She didn't resist when I went to sit with her at the table.  She gave me the phone number with no resistance.  She turned her head slightly for the kiss but quickly accepted the second attempt.  When I said I was coming to the hotel, I got zero resistance.  She just told the 3rd wheel girl, "He's gonna walk with us back."  2j said the 3rd girl can only be considered a problem if she cockblocked, and she didn't.  She even tried to help things along saying she'd let the other girl in.

I failed to lead in the end.  I swear, and also hate to admit, that it wasn't like me playing out my own movie.  It was like this scene was unfolding before me and I could scarcely believe it was happening.  That just shows how low my game had sunk in recent times.  It's not like I never pulled before but I had gotten into such a bad inner game space that my ability to do this seemed to far away.  It just last summer but it felt like it was years ago in another lifetime.

As I said, she asked me where I lived and how far I lived several times and I think she might have been helping me suggest a way to deal with the shared room situation.  I think she was throwing me an assist when she asked me how I was gonna get home.  I could have said, "Why don't I come hang out for a little bit as I have to wait for a train to get home?"

Heck, "I'm tired, why don't I hang up and warm up for a bit."

I could have even used Crazyfoot's line from a month ago, "Hey,do you have an extra bed for me?!"

How did I not even ask to go upstairs?  I actually would have rather run shitty game and made the attempt rather than to not even try.  It's like I accepted I wasn't gonna go up.

Summary of lines or tactics that have popped into my head now:
1) Just tried to pull to my place despite distance and "roommate."
2) Got her to come to the car so I could pick up food, or get her by Nintendo's place.
3) Let me come have some pizza, I'm hungry.
4) Crazyfoot's line above.
5) I have a long drive, can I chill with you for a bit?
6) I could have even pushed it.  Can I crash for a few hours on the floor so I don't have to drive back at this late hour?
7) 3rd girl, you go up.  My girl, come sit with me for a second so we make sure everything is okay with your friend.
8) 2j suggested, "Can I use your rest room?"  I don't like this because there's a rest room in the lobby of every hotel.
9) I've never been in this hotel.  I'm curious how the rooms look.  How's your view?
10) When we walked in, I just assume I'm going up and throw up the time constraint.  "I'll come up.  I need to warm up, but I can't stay for too long."

I can go on and on yet none of this shit popped into my head at the time.  It was like I expected her to invite me up or come up with something, yet I really do think she threw me some assists, which many girls won't do.

I seriously think I was more focused on how I wish I had another wing with me for the third girl.  I also remember thinking, this sucks, I'm not gonna get to go up.  The negative thoughts didn't help and probably transferred via state transference to her.

Even worse, at 8:30am, I realized she had responded to my text.  As I was texting my buddies, I remember getting a text from her confirming I had text her correct number.  I replied with my usual dream catcher text.  In the process of having my wings meet me at the 7-11, I missed that she replied back to the text, "Where are u, are you making it back safe?"
Yeah, that's not much to work with, but I should have text back and tried to further make things happen or just set up something for Sunday night.  Blah.

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