Sunday, December 30, 2012

Part 1: Hard venues, frustrations and perseverance:

As I sit here thinking about the night, I simultaneously feel ecstatic and frustrated.  I'm happy because I've made huge strides in my game since that Thursday report where I felt down from not putting in a good effort in my night.  Both Friday and Saturday, I accomplished what I set out to do: both nights were basically getting back parts of my game that I figured out this summer but that disappeared during the last three months.  I feel like I've done a speed course in pickup and am almost back to where I left off at the end of summer.

Hard Venues:
My plan was to start off at this late night venue using this promotion company but we got rejected as I had feared.  The bouncer claimed they were sold out.  We went to the early club where that promotion company promoted and  got in.  It was slow and JamesAnderson was having a hard time keeping still when it was slow and then we both had a difficult time getting started when the place started to get packed.  I surprised myself by being attracted to this little Indian girl that I met while winging in a set.  After that, we had a hard time working the sets.  My wing kept saying he wanted to go because "there were no more sets."  I said I wanted to go  but I told him we were making excuses and  I wanted us to admit that.  There were sets, but the hot girls were all bunched up in the middle and dancing.

I regret not trying to open up this really hot 3 set of tall girls.  The only chumps who were brave enough to open offered the girls drink from their bottle service.  I laughed when the girls drank the drinks and then 15 minutes later walked away.  I opened one with my "blocking the phone" opener but then lost my nerve and didn't plow through with an actual verbal opener.

I did have a different tall brunette hooked earlier, at least initially.  I stopped her and she gave me strong eye contact and was attentive to what I was saying.  I was almost surprised by this because I expect to get blown off.  (Yes, we should never try to play a movie in our heads of how the interaction is going to go, but I often do despite knowing better).  I got blown out by this really short girl.  I thought of Ozzie in Transformations.  He says something like, "It's usually the midget girl or the big one that I can't get my arms around that is the leader of the set."  The short one started trying to bust me out . I ignored here for her first few lines.  Then I tried to talk to her, but then she grabbed my tall brunette and dragged her off.  At least, that should further help me with tall girls.  More positive references, no matter how small, help.

Bad state:
My wing really was off after that hard venue.  We tried to meet our other wings in our usual stomping grounds, but the lines were too long so we went to this other nearby club.   I could see that my wing was in his head.  He told me a various points, "I'm having a bad night.  I think I'm getting sick."  I told him, "I can tell your in your head, but you gotta keep trying.  You never know what can happen and you'll also learn to build that muscle Tyler talks about: the ability to persist during rough nights."

I was in a good state and I was opening.  My game was a little off.  I still wasn't escalating but I also wasn't feeling in massive state either.  My wing pushed through and then later I found myself standing alone as he hooked this Asian girl.  He got a make out and said the girl had been grabbing his cock, but the big friend circle cockblocked him.  He got frustrated and I advised him, "Yeah, that sucks.  You can't let it affect you because that's standard."  He learned the valuable lesson.  Now he had reference point of having an awesome experience after having mostly a shitty night.  I told him, "See, a lot of guys would have went home and just accepted the shitty night.  You pushed through and got to learn the lesson probably that you do never know what's gonna happen."

It was time for me to learn that lesson as well.  While he was in that set, I found myself losing state as I felt I had worn out the club.  I was dancing by myself so at least I didn't look miserable unlike a lot of people in every venue who looks bored.  I positioned myself so girls would pass by me.  I passed on opening too many girls before finally opening this Middle Eastern looking girl who was standing by me.

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