Sunday, December 9, 2012

Yet I have a lot of harder game concepts internalized

I'm somewhat frustrated with myself because I'm making what I feel are newbie mistakes while at the same time, I have some deeper concepts down that most guys have a very hard time internalizing.  I'm listing this for myself so I can recognize my strengths and not be so hard on myself, and also to have some confidence to do the moves I know to be correct.

1) I have calibration down which is something that Ozzie says you can't teach someone.   Also, I'm aware of the mistakes I'm making and now what I should be doing.  As a newbie, I was often clueless.  It's frustrating now that I make the mistakes or fail to correct them as I see it happening, but I should be happy that I can at least see the moves. 

 My wing told me tonight that I needed to work on escalating.  It wasn't very eye opening.  I know that. That I'm struggling with this shows it can be difficult, but one could also look at it as something easy to do.  You could walk up to a newbie on a bootcamp and tell him to move the girl to the bar or dance floor.  He might need that advice because he doesn't even think about doing it.  I actually know I have to do that; moreover, tonight I even recognized when the set was stalling and the girls were about to leave if I didn't leave, yet I didn't take action.  That calibration is not something you could easily teach someone.  I just need to make myself do the seemingly hard move of preventing it by leading right at that moment, or better yet, just start leading form the get go so I don't let the set stall at all.

2) My wing today mentioned that he was nervous early on.  When I initially came back from that break, I got to experience first hand how difficult that is to break through.  Fortunately, I again have gotten most of that out of my system.  I was happy that I didn't waste a lot of time standing around early on and made myself start approaching.  This is how I was most of the summer and it feels good to be able to just take action.  I've also been working on not only opening, but trying to give the best effort possible so I'm not wasting the girls time nor my time.

 3) I'll approach super hot girls in the club that my wings will be afraid to open.  I remember Nintendo saying in the summer that he wished he could make himself do that as easily as I seem to do it.  I did it today.  I saw this tall blonde who turned out be a hot Serbian chick.  I opened her and it hooked initially.  More importantly to me at this point, I didn't feel nervous as I was talking to her.  It felt like I was talking to any other girl.  I'm actually not sure how I lost it.  2j even commented how it looked good from the start because she was standing by a friend.  The friend interrupted and I introduced myself and then the friend left me alone with this hottie.  Shortly after that, I could feel her pulling away from me.  I kept trying to plow as I knew I was about to lose her but I couldn't keep her hooked.  Still, I should have confidence in the future that I can actually talk to tall hot girls that I often am intimidated by and have them respond well.

The only thing I can think of right now is that I should have called her out when I saw her starting to lose attention.  I could have put my arm around her, pulled her in, looked her in the eye and said something like, "Hey you got somewhere you gotta be?  Shows over here."  

4) My persistence has returned.  I told my wing to keep going back in the Brazillian set and I forced myself to go back in as well.  Yeah, it didn't work out, but the situation reminded me of how this game works out for me most of the time.  Even when I've pulled, I've experienced resistance.  I can't say I've ever had a set that just made it easy for me.  I've heard it explained that part of the reason is that girls sometimes want to make it difficult.  It's to screen out the chumps from the real guys who will persist like real men . It also makes the experience better for them because they really feel like the guy had to push through some difficulty to hook up with them.  This ties in with getting a real man.   This skill will help me once I get past some of the dumb mistakes I've been making early.  

5) I felt pumped all night as this has been the way I've been the last few times I went out.  When I catch myself looking like my wings sometimes do, I bust myself out of it.  I hate standing there looking bored.  I'm out having fun at the club.  I can be dancing around, talking to my wings, or approaching the girls that are there.  If I wanna sit around and not have fun, I could have stayed home and played World of Warcraft instead.  Beyond that, as I wrote recently, I spend enough time staring around and/or doubting myself.  They are younger than me and if they do that for 6 more years, then they'll be where I'm at.  I can't afford to do that.  I don't want to dick around and then suddenly be 60 years old.

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