Thursday, December 27, 2012

Being dumb playing hard to get

I just wanted to make a quick entry to make myself accountable otherwise I keep blowing off posting.  I need to post as this helps me ingrain lessons in my head.

I went out for the first time in a week.  I got myself sick training too hard while on too big of a calorie deficit. I'm talking going 2-3 times a day.  I knew I was gonna overeat on Christmas so my plan was to blow myself out and then start a diet break on Christmas.  Instead, I got sick on Thursday and was forced to stop earlier.

Being on the break, I let myself drink and on top of that Nintendo drove to the bar.  A small lesson is that I don't really game better drunk.  I might approach a little faster and/or more aggressively but any advantage that might give me is outweighed by how sloppy my game gets.

I was opening and having fun, though at times, especially later, I was trying too much to ride this opening machine wing's coattails by just trying to wing instead of pushing my own sets.

My big mistake for the night was when I winged said wing in a 2-set.  The girl he stopped was interested from the opener as she called back her friend that had walked down the stairs.  When the friend got to us, I called her by name since I had heard her name.  I went to shake her hand and I noticed she was high buying temperature by the way she held on to my hand.  Then, she put her arm around me as I got a little closer.

Had I been thinking clearly, this was easy.  Just caveman, spew out some random nonsense and escalate.  Instead, I pulled back a little bit and started to qualify her with questions.  This stuff might work on the hottest girl in the club who wouldn't be used to a guy being so cool about it, but I was miscalibrating here as this was just an average looking girl.  I lost her by doing this and then she started talking to some random guy and told me "That's my boyfriend" when it clearly wasn't when I started talking to him.  The mistake was clear right away.

I realize that I often hide my interest when I need to show more intent because I'm still trying to protect my ego.  I remember the days when I was younger and with no game where girls would find out that I liked them   (think high school) and I'd look stupid.  Now I sometimes play it too cool and lose the girl.  I suppose I should work on showing intent with eye contact, which I do, but also work on verbally expressing it.

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