Sunday, December 9, 2012

Realzing I'm not going to "solve" this game; I have to think long term

I'm hoping this lesson sticks with me.  This is something that I have been avoiding since summer time and it's time I got things straightened out.  I kept telling myself that I just needed to go out one or two more weeks.  I had to go till I flew out to Florida or till summer ended.  I'd keep going out till I got a pull.  All those things happened and I felt like I just needed a bit more time and I'd have this solved.  I'd be at a competent skill level where I could just maintain most of it by going out less often.  Better yet, I could improve slowly but be at a good enough level where I had several girls in my life and had a decent shot of pulling on any given night. 

I've been neglecting long term mating strategy and trying to just coast with short term mating strategy.  I was able to do this in the summer, but dealing with my mom, plus all the time that has past is a constant negative that gnaws at my soul.  I've been amazing at going out in a positive mood lately despite having my life all messed up but pickup would be so much easier if I just straightened everything out in my life.

It's a pain in the ass but nothing good in life ever comes easy or every one would be doing.  The hard journey is what makes the successes so rewarding at well.  I need to view pickup like working out.  It's something I'll always have to work on but sometimes I can enjoy at the same time.  Pickup will lead me to the lifestyle I wanted just as working out and dieting is finally getting me to the body fat percentage and abs I sought for so long.

As I near one of my sought after goals with exercise, I realize it's true what Tyler said in "Blueprint."  The end is anti-climatic.  I don't have 6 pack abs yet but I'm wise enough to realize that isn't gonna make me happy.  I'm still gonna work to that goal but I know next year I'll want to bulk up or run the marathon.

If I stick with pick up, I will get more pulls.  I have more girls in my life.

What I've totally neglected is work and finances and I'm sick of doing that.  I'm gonna put my focus on that part of my life and I know it will make pickup so much easier.   Focusing on this means I can't go out as much, but it doesn't mean that I'm giving up pick up.  I'm just gonna make sure I get my life straightened out so I live up to my own standards.  Putting a focus on this will make pick up better: I'll actually be able to go to Vegas and get some pulling experience there. 

More importantly, I'll feel good about myself.  It's great that I can go out and be cool with that stuff in disarray, but imagine how unstoppable I would be if I had my life really solidified.  I'd have no money problems, I'd be in even better shape that I'm already in, I'd get to travel more and not worry about saving money all the time.  Hmmm..  It's a no brain er.  How can I avoid this any longer?  

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