Sunday, December 30, 2012

Part 3: Left at the hotel & Bad Logistics

I'm going to sound a bit frustrated and perhaps seem a little hard on myself in this section.  I do realize the breakthrough and am mostly happy with myself.  It's always frustrating to play things with the benefit of hindsight and realize that with just some minor tweaks, there's a decent chance this would be a lay report.  I could be cuddling with that girl right now instead of writing this long ass field report.

If I had a damn wing, especially Nintendo:
If I had just grabbed Nintendo from that set, or if I had seen him walk by when the 3rd wheel girl was sitting bored at the booth, I think he and I could have pulled our two girls to his place using the taco and drinks move.  The Indian guy would have pulled his girl to wherever.

Any of the wings would have worked here or at least had a chance to make things easier.  There's always the chance that the two would be incompatible but this girl wanted to hook up, especially cause her two friends were making out with guys.  I remember her commenting on the walk to the hotel, "My guy got left at the club."

Damn that chump!  He had enough moves to dance and make out with her but not enough stones to push for the close.

Well, I have to admit, on far too many days, I would have been that guy.  I have to give myself credit for how I pushed things along in this set and just acted with the assumption that she liked me and wanted to spend more time with me.  This was from the beginning when she went to the bottle service booth.  This includes when she got up from the table and I went for the number close and kiss.

This includes when she said, "We're going back to the hotel" and I grabbed her hand and said, "Okay, I'm coming with."

Lost my game plan:
When I'm in my comfort zone, part of my brain naturally plans some future move: like I was trying to find a wing because I anticipated a possible problem with the 3rd wheel, though she ended up not being the cockblock type.  When she said she was leaving for the hotel, I didn't know what to do except that I at least had to try to stay with her.  I'll mention that I tried the food extraction 2-3 times but she said they weren't hungry and she had been telling the truth.  I found out they had eaten deep dish pizza and the 3rd wheel mentioned eating that when we got to the hotel.

Fuck, I just thought of another move I missed.  I could have tried saying to my girl, "Why don't I come hang out for a second in the room, just to have a half a slice of pizza."  2j said that when I got to the hotel, I should    have tried to find some reason to go into the room.  I couldn't think of a reason and didn't know what to do.

The Indian guy had his girl really hooked which helped.  My two were going up to the room.  My said goodbye to me but she had lost buying temperature as she wouldn't kiss me there.  The Indian guy, in contrast way far away from us, and as I was leaving ,I saw him drag his girl to another part of the lobby to continue making out and I suppose, to formulate a plan to get the lay.

Mistake #1: Take her to my place:
I mentioned this in Part 2.  When I had her really hooked at the club, she was asking me where I lived.  I thought at the time it was just standard rapport questions, but  I realized, I think as I was walking in the cold back to the club that she was screening me for logistics.  I realized this also because I remember right as we were about a block away from the club, she again had asked me if I had a place nearby.

This is the shit that happens when your game turns to shit.  In real time, I couldn't see that she was asking me that because she wanted to go back to my place, but it's obvious now as I think back on the situation.  I swear she asked me about my place when she confirmed that they were all sharing a room.  She had told me that early on, but I thought maybe she was lying, but she confirmed it as we were leaving the club.

As I've mentioned, my mother is here but I could have pulled.  During the first week, before my inner game got screwed up, I used to tell my mom that there was a chance I could bring a girl back.  I told her not to start bitching at me like she sometimes does when I come back.  She hasn't done that lately so I shouldn't have worried about it, but in my head, I didn't even consider pulling here to be a possibility.

The lesson here is that I need to keep that in the playbook.  I could have told this girl, "I live near the airport, let's have a few drinks and hang out" or whatever BS.  I'd say I had a greater than 50% chance of her complying with that had I made the suggestion.

I'll give you a ride:
I thought about my car, but when I realized this move, we were already 2-3 blocks from the club and walking in the wrong direction from my car.  I should have asked where they were staying and just said I'd give my girl a ride regardless.  In the car, I could have sold the taco place or just driven to my place.  Nintendo again reiterated at the end of the night that he was more than willing to let me pull to his place.

Have a game plan for the hotel:
It's good to trust in your abilities but I had no idea of what I was gonna do in the hotel and didn't even run any actual plans through my head.  Thus, I was unprepared for what I figured was gonna be the likely outcome when I got there.  I guess I was hoping for a little help from the girl too which I should never do.  I was hoping the hotel bar would be open or something.

In retrospect, I had two options.  2j said to get up to the room.  I could have used the pizza slice line that I thought of a few minutes ago.  I could have said I wanted to see what the rooms were like here and/or their view.  The other move was what the Indian guy did.  I should have told her to come sit down with me for a few minutes and then she could go up.  Heck, I could have used the Indian guy as an excuse.  "3rd wheel, why don't you just go up?   She and I will sit her for a few minutes and talk and make sure that other girl is okay."

I can think of so many options now but I was lost when I was standing in that hotel.

That's what I thought as I waited for Nintendo and 2j to meet me at this 7-11 near the club.  I'm excited that I broke through the kino barrier in a big way and got a make out and almost pulled.  On top of that, it was with a girl I found really attractive.

I've been talking about how if we went out Wednesday after Christmas until New Years Eve and really tried our hardest, we should be able to get a pull.  I was started to doubt this possibility when I went out Saturday and when the night was going well.  This set made me feel so confident.

I felt like, "Wow, I got this close and seemingly with ease.  All I did was feel a little more confident, lead a little more, and assuming she wanted to spend more time with me, oh and I ACTUALLY FUCKING TOUCHED THE GIRL, and look what happened!"

If I got this close, then maybe I'll actually pull Sunday or Monday night.  I like this goal as this motivation and goal is how I got my first ever SNL on New Years Eve just a few years ago.  At the same time, I really will be happy if I give my best effort for the next two days regardless if I get laid or not.

I feel like POKPUA IS BACK!

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