Sunday, December 30, 2012

3 levels of persistence from 3 guys in a 3-set: RSD post

I decided to post a abbreviated version of the 3-set last night.  I just felt like it clearly showed levels of persistence that many guys have in the game and how it holds them back.  By writing it, I hoped to hammer the idea home for myself, and maybe to guys that read it:

I was involved in this 3-set of 3 girls with 3 guys with 3 levels of persistence who also didn't know each other.  I suppose this could be in the FR section also.  Its amuses me that this just happened to me last night and helped hammer home a key point for me.   I don't go into details, but there were various levels of "game" involved in how the guys got their girls.  You could argue speed of escalation, or money spent, or whatever, but the stories shows that level of persistence here was key to who got laid and who didn't.  I just wrote this in the hope that it helps hammer the lesson home for someone and maybe you end up pulling for New Years because you happened to be inspired by this story.

There was a 3-set of out of town girls.  There was an Indian girl who was totally into this Indian guy with bottle service.  There was a cute little blonde with a smiley Asian guy, and a pale brunette with a tall alpha  white guy.  The Indian guy had been making out with the Indian girl for who knows how long.  The Asian guy was slow with the kino but finally started to escalate. He slowly got to the point of having his arm around her and holding her hand.  He later got a short make out by a pillar.  On the other side of the pillar was the tall alpha looking guy.  He had gotten in the set the latest.  He danced with the brunette, got her up against the same pillar and made out with his girl in less than 5 minutes.  

About ten minutes later, the girls announced they were going back to the hotel.  Here comes the tale of 3 levels of persistence
Alpha looking guy dropped out of the game the first.  He just let his girl walk away.  He didn't even number close. He didn't even try to even come outside with the girl.  
The Asian dude grabbed the blonde's hand and told her he was going with her. 
The Indian guy hesitated visibly but then went outside with his girl where he proceeded to make out with her again.

Fast forward a 4-5 block walk to the girl's hotel in the freezing cold.  One or both of the guys had no jacket on top of that.  One of the guys dealt with the third girl who even commented, "My guy got left at the club."  

I'd add here "It was more like he took himself out of the game.  He didn't even try to leave with girl.  Maybe he was just happy to get a make out.  Regardless, he screwed up."  

The girls were talking about going up to the room, a room that the three of them shared.  The Asian guy doesn't even come up with an excuse to come up to the room.  He must have figured he was done there as the girl wasn't inviting him up and there was another girl to deal with.

The Indian guy, who is the champ in this story, is by the revolving door.  He's not even there discussing things with the Asian guy and the two girls.  He's making out with his girl.  He leads her to the side of the lobby away from the group and probably made something happen.  

The lesson in this story is be like the Indian guy.  You persist to the very end.  Definitely don't be like the guy who didn't even try to leave the club with the girl . I've been that guy far too many times and who knows how many pulls I missed from lack of even trying.

It sticks with me how that third girl had even commented that she wanted the guy to be there and not back in the club.

Obviously, I wasn't that guy or I wouldn't know the rest of the story.  I wish I had been the champ but I let myself get lost by trying to deal with the two girls.  Later, I thought of reasons I could have used to get up to the room but my mind was blank as I sat in the hotel lobby.  The girl's had left over pizza and I could have asked for some.  I could have had my girl sit down with me with the pretense of "looking out for the 3rd friend" while I had the extra girl go up to the room.  I also should have just tried to get her to come to my place despite living 20 minutes away and having a "roommate" i.e. my mother in this 2 bedroom condo.  

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