Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Drunken New Years: Easy Make Out & Stuck in the cold

I took advantage of New Years Eve by eating too much and getting really drunk.  I almost blew money I shouldn't have wasted on package somewhere but fortunately Nintendo wanted to save money.  I ended up meeting up with a bunch of the guys we got out with all the time.

 We started at this guy's apartment, and one of his neighbors was throwing a party in the lounge. I was already drunk at this point so I had no problem saying hi to the girls that walked by us on the way to the public bathroom area.  Later, the guy who threw the party invited all of us to go in the party but for some reason, everyone was afraid to do so except me.  The funny thing is when I went over there, this dorky girl with glasses tried to tell me, "Hey, this is a private party. We rented this."  I laughed and said the guy invited all of us over but I was the only one who game.  It figures it's some dumb bitch who is just a guest there who tries to kick me out.  The look on her face when I pointed out the host as the guy who invited me was priceless.  She had a snarly, condescending look at first, and once I pointed out the guy, she looked down, her expression changed to one of embarrassment and submission.  

Easy Make Out:
I must have been at my peak of intoxication when we got the the bars.  I remember the taxi pulling up to Public House.  They had talked about going in but I don't even remember what happened there.  I just remember one of my wings giving me change back from the cab and then winding up at the usual late night spot.  There was no line and we got in for free.  I guess people just go out for the midnight toast and then go home as the place was sparsely populated.

As I'm writing this, I'm reminded of why I don't like drunken sarging.  That's because if I'm really drunk, I have trouble remembering the night and I hate that because I miss out on reference experiences and I like remembering my night fully as I'm creating my post.  I do remember running into Crazyfoot and his friend there and walking upstairs and downstairs once opening girls.  I know when I'm drunk, I actual opening with full intent and do the claw of some caveman kino naturally which was actually perfect for this place.  Often, I open too weakly at this venue when I'm sober, and the time of night also made my style tonight appropriate.

The set of the night was a 2-set with Crazyfoot.  I saw him open the friend, so I opened this petite brunette.  I remember opening here and immediately being face to face with our eyes locked.  I had my hands on her sides.  I remember dancing with her and then soon we were kissing.  I remember dancing with her and doing my move of having my leg between here leg in a way that stimulated her while we were dancing.  I remember how tiny her waist was and how I picked her up a few times as she was light.

I don't remember how or why she left at that point.  I have to ask 2j or Jamesanderson as they were sober.  A little bit later, I remember being by the upstairs window area and seeing a 2-set.  Naturally, I went to open them and then realized it was my girl.  Jamesanderson came to wing.  I remember her telling me they were waiting for their ride.  I suggested that I go with them but she said no and then we talked about exchanging numbers.

Here's my new reason to hate drunken sarging.  I remember her punching the phone number into the phone.  I must have called her also as I remember her showing me her phone with my number on caller ID but somehow I don't have her number in my phone.  It's not on the call log or text log.  It's probably a flake consider we were both drunk, but it's still dumb to lose the number.  I'm hoping it shows up in my call details online but the website is down for maintenance.  There actually is a chance for her not to flake as she's new in town and those girls are generally more receptive.  I remember kissing her some more but don't know why I wasn't more persistent at trying to get her to let me leave with her.  I remember thinking on my long train ride that I should have told her to tell the ride and her friend that I was a college friend so she wouldn't look slutty.

Trying to close more, including a huge fat chick:
With that success, I wasn't ready to go home alone on one of the best sarging nights.  I remember opening a bunch of girls before I started dancing with this really humongous girl.  I spent about a half hour trying to make thing happen with her.  Her friends that were around her had even left by the time she finally went home.  I kept trying to set up a kiss with her but she wouldn't go for it, nor could I get her to agree to any sort of food extraction or hanging out after the club.  I remember thinking at the time that she wanted it but just didn't feel qualified for it.  Maybe that was the case or maybe she just wasn't interested.  In any case, i ended up having to leave alone as the place closed when she left.  I couldn't find any more sets so I ran to catch the free CTA train before that ended at 4am.

Almost a total shit morning in the cold:
Nintendo and everyone had left at least an hour before closing.  I remember Nintendo just texting me that he had left.  I had my car at his place and more importantly I had left my keys at his house.  I was afraid I would lose them while drunk.  Having the house keys would have made it easy to take the train and the bus home and having the car keys would allow me to drive once I was sober.

I don't know why he left without grabbing me.  I think he thought it was on with the fat chick as he left after the petite brunette had left.  He told me to call him when I got to his place so I took the train there.  It took forever to get on the blue line and then I missed the Pink line train by 30 seconds so I had to wait another twenty minutes for the next one . Then, I got to Nintendo's house and neither he nor his roommate would answer.  The only thing that made things bearable was that I wasn't cold due to having a thick coat and an ear warmer, and the McDonald's, Dunkin Donuts and Subway nearby were open.  I killed a half hour there and tried him again and finally got him.

Before I got him, I was thinking, "Wow, this is really turning into a shit night. I either have to wait for a few hours and hope someone gets up early and I can't stay at this McDonald's forever so it's gonna involve waiting outside eventually.  I could go home despite having no keys but I'd have to take the train all the way back the way I came and then walk 3 miles after taking the bus to my house.  Then, I'd have to do all that shit again to get my car."

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