Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Kiss close seems easy again, back where I was?

Saturday and tonight, I felt like I was back to my September self.  I went out Sunday with like an hour of sleep but was pumped up from my Vikings winning.  I opened some sets, including one hot blonde that hooked so hard initially that I was in disbelief.  I almost created a post about how I need to calibrate better when I have a girl super into me from the opening.  It's like that tall blonde from a few days ago where I have a girl hooked and then quickly losing it because I fail to escalate.  I kept thinking escalating as going for the kiss, but I didn't even take the conversation man-to-woman.  I didn't flirt nor kino in anyway.  With the blonde on Sunday, I put my arm around her initially, but then let it go like an idiot.  What I think I needed to do was hold her hand and pull her into me.

Last night, I felt like I was cheating a little by being drunk.  Escalation is easier then, but at least I have Saturday's total sober near pull as a real reference experience.  These two kiss closes were just what I needed to remind me how getting kisses isn't that big a deal.  As I tried to tell Jamesanderson, and as I actually have internalized again, at least for the moment, is the reason I don't even know how many kiss closes I have now is that at a certain point, it's easy to do, and it doesn't mean much.  I remember being at this stage in late summer.  I was on a roll one week getting a kiss close every night.  It became like opening used to be.  What was difficult became easy and then just started to feel like an early part of the entire sarge.

It's like wow, I kissed her, but you start to realize that it doesn't mean that you are gonna pull her.  You have to balance making out to pump her state, but not too much that you realize all the sexual tension.  You have to try to peak her horniness when it's actually a good time to try to get her to leave the club.  You have to lead her around and try to create some rapport so she's more comfortable talking to you.

Too many guys get stuck after kissing the girl, just like that alpha guy from the 3-set on Saturday.  It like the real game actually begins after you kiss the girl.

Despite not pulling this week, this streak of going out has been amazing.  I feel like I patched up my game back to where I left off.  For now, I have sorted through all the inner game stuff including the stuff with my mother.  The actual mechanics of my game are solid enough to get to the kiss closes.

My goal now is to maintain this.  I have to fight the ego again I'm sure as feeling like I'm back to my solid game means I might be afraid to open or hold myself back slightly in order to protect this image I now have of myself.  That I realize this means this is less likely.

If I can stay at this stage, then what I'll need to work on is screening for logistics, contining to work on leading girls around the venue, and actually asking for the pull.  I word it as "asking" as often I wouldn't even suggest that the girl leave with me.  I'll have to persist and try to lead the girl to come with me: that's the solid game version of what I have to do.

If all goes well now I can start to have sporadic success again, which I'll define as actually pulling, and I can work on improving my game to a new level instead of trying to get myself back to a peak game point in the past.

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