Thursday, January 3, 2013

Kissing the girl I wanted & Browbeating myself

There were a few brief moments, including while I was waiting for this page to load up, that I had forgotten where I was just 10 days ago.  Nintendo told me not to browbeat myself in the car as well.  That was after I said, "Yeah, I kissed the girl but I couldn't pull her."  I guess part of me forgot that I would have loved to have those results during the 3 months past.  At the same time, I recognize that the same part of me that wants to be tough on myself is what has driven me to improve.  I just have to be healthy about it.

No, the right way to look at things is that I saw the girl I wanted most in the bar.  There were hotter girls, but I still have a thing for redheads and this ginger at the bachelorette party is the girl that caught my eye.  I had started off the night opening the first 2-set I saw with 2j while being completely sober.  I ended up having 4 beers, which is fine, except I wanna force myself to not drink on a few nights because I feel it's a type of cheat code, and again, I think it causes me to get sloppy at times.  I did notice tonight that being slightly drunk just makes me see sets everywhere.  I'd approach girls in big groups or rarely, but still more often that I would normally, in mixed sets.  Even at the end of the night, I don't make excuses about there "being no more sets" as my wings often do.  They mean there are no easy sets usually when they do this.

Anyway, I was warmed up, had a few decent interactions and a bunch of bust outs.  I finally went into the bachelorette set.  One of my wings was talking to this tall blonde that was the other girl I wanted in the set, so I opened my redhead.  It was one of those sets that just hooked right off the bat.  From my success the past few days, and my now fixed inner game issues, I recognized when this happens and start immediately with some kino escalation.  I remember having my arms on her hips quickly and being face to face with her.  We talked for a bit and then she had to go to the bar or something.  We were gazing into each other's eyes, face to face.  I was about to go for the kiss when she just kissed me.

I wasn't just gonna leave it like that.  Some guys, including me at times, would just settle for getting a kiss but I don't want to get ego validation from that, and on top of that, I'm again recognizing that getting kisses doesn't mean that much at this point.  I'm glad I'm at this stage of my game again and it's hard to believe I've even come this far from where I started as a total newbie.

I opened her again, and I remember we kissed again.

Start leading:
I knew I had to lead the group.  I had asked her where they were going next and she wasn't sure.  My mistake here was hoping she was going somewhere and trying to tag along.  I knew of two after hours that my crew and I gone to in the past.  One is this late night bar that usually has a dance floor, though last week, there were tables set up there and no dancing.  The other is this club that is packed but has that Latino crowd that we always get with the text promotion for that night.  It's a bunch of tough Latino's with tatooed girls.

I was thinking at the time that I wasn't sure which after hours to try to venue change the group.  I was afraid they wouldn't like what I chose so I decided not to choose and try to just tag long with them . I need to be  man and just make a decision.  If I blow out of the set because they didn't like the venue, oh well; at least I forced myself to lead.

Some persistence but need more:
To my credit, at least I asked if I could go with them to after hours.  There were times in the past when I wouldn't even ask for it.  Incidentally, the number close was probably a bust so I didn't go for that as the wedding was in a few days, and my girl was from out of town.  I suppose I could have just taken the number anyway and tried to meet up with them later.  I didn't really contemplate that mood, maybe again as a result of getting a bit drunk and also a lack of later game experience.

The group then walked out the outdoor hallway to the front.  I wasn't gonna follow and try to go but I made myself go outside.  I saw the group standing by a cab.  The logistics were bad with this set.  My girl was the lead girl.  They were all looking at her at where to go next, especially cause they weren't gonna all fit in the cab.  I guess I used this as an excuse to give up.  I should have marched up, said, "Let's go here" and try to go into the cab.  

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