Saturday, January 5, 2013

Alcohol is a cheat code

Sarging sober vs sarging while drinking is an often debating topic.  2j and Jamesanderson are wings who don't drink at all.  Nintendo was doing sober for awhile because he wanted to do it Tyler style but went back to drinking why 2j told him that all the best natural's he's met drink and if Nintendo wants to drink and has fun doing it, he should drink.  I added that if he wants to go by guru's, Jeffy believes in drinking.  

Personally, I usually go out sober, but I don't have anything against sarging while drinking.  I don't like to do it drunk too often though because I don't want to get used to doing it drunk and then not being able to do it sober.  Also, when I'm on my cutting diet, I don't like to waste calories on alcohol.  

The two positives effects alcohol has on my game that I've noticed in the past week are that I show more intent and that I see more sets.  I can thank 2j for the first observation.  He said Thursday that the only difference he saw was that when he'd look over at me in a set, it would be clear to him that I'm trying to hook up with the girl.  This is a problem of mine: I often have too much fun just talking and it isn't clear that I'm interested in the girl.  I don't have to show hard core intent off the bat, although it can be a time saver, but I need to show through my eye contact and kino escalation that I'm into the girl, and I can even verbalize it.  2j says when I'm drunk, I show intent right off the bat.   I can recall that I have no problem opening a girl and     
doing caveman kino style and that's why I get more intense sets more often when I'm drinking.  

The second effect is one that I noticed when I compared New Years Eye and Wednesday to days like Thursday and Friday.  On all those days, we were at venues all the way to close.  When I've been drinking, I see sets everywhere.  I still am not too crazy about the mixed sets, but if there are more girls than guys, I don't hesitate to open them when I'm drinking.  Even though I know how to handle the guys and the bullshit that could happen, I am reluctant to open these sets when I'm sober.  On a side note, I'm changing that tonight.  Talking with one of our new wings made me realize that it's important to me to improve my skills in that department.  I remember tackling those more difficult sets in both of the last summers but I've avoided those sets for the most part lately . It makes sense as when I was doing poorly lately, I needed to focus on doing less difficult sets, but now is the time to get back to that.  

I also just find no excuses not to open when I'm drinking at the end of the night.  Tonight, I made dumb excuses at closing time like, "Oh, people are gonna here me opening this set by the coat check, or they are walking by too fast" and so on.   One NYE, I literally hit every set that was left.  Oh, I also have lower standards when I'm drunk, though I'm glad I didn't bang that gigantic girl from NYE.  I don't mind fat girls sometimes, but that girl was beyond what I'd consider reasonable.  

I bump into people when I'm drunk and sometimes screw up a set by bumping into the girl.  I also get sloppy and don't think of ways to solve logistical problems that arise.  For example, Wednesday I might have figured out a way to venue change that whole group with the redhead had I been sober.  I also forget exactly how I opened or escalate.  For example, on New Years Eye, I barely remember how I escalated on that petite brunette.  I remember I went to wing Crazyfoot, and then I remember it just seem so on when our faces were right next to each other, so I just kissed her and grinded with her while dancing.   

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