Saturday, August 18, 2012

2 married girls and a redhead

Friday, I went out with a much better attitude.  I think I needed the drunken Thursday to put me back into the right mind set.  The mind set is I just have to give my best effort that I can on any given day and trust that the results will happen and that I'll learn from my experiences.  I gave the best effort I could again.  I know I could do better but I also know that I was pushing myself as hard as I could.  There were times when I could feel myself holding back when I'd try stopping moving sets, but I'd recognize that and try to do better.  The best effort doesn't mean trying my hardest.  It doesn't mean that the effort is the best I'm ever capable of, but it's the best I can muster that night.  

Bad luck with married girls:
Chode & his wife:
That seemed to be the theme.  Early on, I had this HB7 who was really high buying temperature in one of the first sets I opened.  2j came in just as this guy had come into my set.  2j noticed too that she was high buying temperature with him as well.  We laughed later at how AFC the guy was.  Despite it being his wife, I had successfully tooled him initially.  I backed off once I realized she had a ring and she said it really was her husband.  The guy was a massive chode though because 2j told me that the moron told him something like, "Yeah, if you sold your house, maybe you could afford a ring like this."  This guy came up when we were talking about social conditioning.  The girl was decent but an HB7 at best as 2j rated her, and he felt it was such a massive accomplishment to hook her that he had to brag about his ring to 2j.  On top of that, he wasn't satisfying her as she was so high buying temperature into any real guy, in this case both 2j and I.  Also, only some chump would brag about the right in the way he did.  I added that a really rich guy would never say that either so the ring probably wasn't as expensive as he was making it to be.  I bet Sidegame's rings were bigger.

I'm marrying a Filipino guy:
At the second venue, I had this dirty blonde girl really hooked.  I mean, the eye contact and dogger dinner bowl look was there.  She was comfortable with me holding her hands.  I was all up on her and had her pulled into me so I was grinding her as we swayed to the music a bit an talked.  2j commented how into me the girl was.  The problem was that she was engaged.  She told me she was marrying a Filipino guy, which I said explained some of the attraction.  Like I'm attracted to redheads in a weird way, she must similarly have a fetish for Filipino guys.

I could tell she was a bit worried about what her friends were thinking.  I used the Julien line early on telling her to tell them that I was her gay friend.  She never did that but I heard her saying that she wasn't gonna make out with me.  I kept trying to get her away from the friends and try to make out but I couldn't make it happen.  I even opened her 3 other times and suggested pull ideas but it was a no go.

This was just another one of those bad luck situation.  If she were single or maybe if she weren't out with these friends, this would be a likely pull.

Massively hooked and married Irish girl:
There was this girl of Irish decent that had hair that looked reddish to me.  She said she wasn't a redhead, so I'd say it was more she had the redhead complexion.  I guess her hair was more blonde but she had the pale skin and freckles.  I remember seeing her downstairs early on in the night.  I opened her and she was obviously high buying temperature.  Of course I was all up on her.  She told me she was married and I did feel a ring.  I kept holding her and dancing with her because I don't care that she married.  I've mentioned it before, but I guess I think of marriage as some AFC institution.  If the guy sucks so badly that his wife will cheat on him, then I'll provide the opportunity because I don't have a problem with it.  On top of that, I'll say I have the Johnny Soporno attitude (some guy I saw on the Lovesystems forum that talks about how he has several sexual relations with married women or guys that have boyfriends).  I feel like I'd just be fulfilling some desires of the girl that the guy doesn't meet.  I don't want her to leave the husband for me.  I just want her to have a night of fantasy and strangely, if she could get that from me, she could be happy with her husband.  Guys get all stupid when they cheat often times in their marriage and end up getting divorced.  Women are known for keeping it secret and continuing the marriage.

This girl told me she was with her cousin.  I tried painting a picture where I said I didn't judge, no one would know, and she could tell her cousin she knew me from college.  Eventually, the girl wandered off.  I saw her one time and opened her again but I couldn't get anywhere.

At the end of the night, I saw her by the entrance and I again tried to pull.  She exclaimed, "I'm married."  I told her we should grab food but she wouldn't go for it.  As we were leaving,  I saw her sitting down by the stairs by the entrance.  I sat down next to her and said, "I don't give up easily."  She smiled.  I grabbed her hand.  She was fine with that as she had been all night.  I stroked her face.  She didn't resist.  I went for the kiss.  For a moment, I thought she was gonna go for it.  She looked into my eyes, and didn't resist initially.  As my face neared her mouth, she turned away and said, "I'm married."  I replied, "No one will know."  I suppose, to her credit, she said, "I'd know.  I have morals."  At that, I finally gave up.

I'll say that I was surprised how she almost went for it.  If you had asked me what I expected the response to be, I thought there was decent chance she would kiss me.  She was giving me all the signs I'd normal get indicating a kiss was likely to succeed.  I thought if it failed, she'd pull away fiercely or she'd reject it right off the bat.

It's obvious that she was hooked and into me but she just didn't want to cheat on her husband.  The evidence is that part of her wanted it when she didn't resist it as I initially started going on.  She knows what it looks like when a guy is going for the kiss.  If she didn't want it at all, she would have stopped it right there.  Nintendo talked about sets recently where he went for the kiss an the girl snapped her head back really quickly.  No, she wanted it.  Even when she rejected it, she did it gently.  I have gotten way worse responses than that in the past.

I got screwed again by this girl being married.  Why could I have hooked a girl like this who was single?

Redhead that I think winded up with a bouncer:
I guess I did have this girl massively hooked who was single.  I just screwed it up.  Early in the night, there was this redhead walking by me.  She was in a train of two other girls.  Usually, that's a shitty setup to try to stop a girl that is following two other girls.  Often, I won't even try to stop the girl as I know it's unlikely to succeed, but I wanted this girl.  I stopped her and she stopped.  I pulled her in and she was into me off the bat.  We talked for a few minutes and danced a bit.

This was an example of how you don't have to understand what the girl is saying and can talk gibberish.  I could only hear part of what she was saying so a few times I just responded with stuff that couldn't have been related to what she was saying.  I just kept up the physicality and eye contact and it was on.  I then decided to move her to the dance floor.

Suddenly, this friend swooped in out of nowhere and dragged her away.  Nintendo said, "That's good because you didn't make out with her."

I told him that you don't always have to make out with a girl right away.  2j agreed that Nintendo is often too focused on fast escalation game.  You can wait to kiss the girl.  The only time it screws you is if you want to kiss the girl and then don't; it's because she can see that you are hesitating.  I knew I could probably kiss the girl but I didn't want to do it then and I didn't feel like I had to so it wasn't ruining the set.  It's debatable whether I should have kissed her nor not though.  Maybe if I had, she wouldn't have let the girl pull her away or maybe I would have acted better when the cockblock happened.  In any case, I todl Nintendo that instead of thinking about how I should have kissed the girl, he should have intercepted the cockblock.

Much later in the night I spotted her again.  I wasn't sure it was her so I think I lost a few points when she called me out for not remember her name.  I plowed on and tried to move her to the dance floor.  She followed me for like 10 seconds and then started saying she had to stay with her friends.  This time, I told the friend, "I'm gonna borrow her for a few minutes."  The friend agreed this time, but then I got cockblocked because the girl started to resist going with me now that the friends were around.

I think maybe I should have kissed her this second time before I tried moving her to the dance floor.  Maybe that would have put her at ease.  I also think I lost state a bit when she called me out for forgetting her name. I know I could have reacted better than I did.

I also should have tried going in again but I didn't see her until later.  I saw this big black bouncer sitting with a redhead near the end of the night.  He was talking to her on the couch downstairs.  I'm about 85% sure it was my girl.  It's obvious then that she was horny and looking for a guy.  That's a bit frustrating.  

I had this set hooked but got screwed initially.  I should have been looking out for the cockblock friend.  I had, after all, stopped the 3rd girl in a moving 3 set so I should have expected the friends to come looking for her.  The dragaway happened so quickly, but I should have found a way to intercept the friend.  Barring that, I could have followed them and re initiated and got introduced to the friends then.

As I said above, I also could have went back a 3rd time after I lost her the second time.  I got distracted by other sets, but I should have waited 5 minutes and went back in instead of wandering off and losing them.

Closing thoughts:
I should take away the good reference points that I had.  I bitch a lot about failures, and the redhead failure is frustrating.  Still, I should feel good that at least three girls were massively into me.  I say at least because I had other sets hooked as well, but not like these three.  As I wrote above, the engaged girl and the Irish married girl would have made out with me and likely could have been a pull had they not been married.  They almost made out with me despite being committed.  How can I feel bad about that?  I had a really cute redhead totally into me.  I'm surely gonna get my fetish girl soon considering I've gotten close to making something happen with two redheads in the last week.

As I keep saying, if I keep putting this effort out there, I can be happy with my night.  If I keep pushing hard and improving, I will get better at the game and I'll have more pulls.   I just have to trust in the process and not browbeat myself.

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