Saturday, August 18, 2012

Vinny returned, so I got wasted Thurs

Vinny, was this natural that I met in an AMOG situation with this chubby Irish girl last summer with Sidegames.  I ran into him the following week at Lion Head and 2j, Vinny, and I hung out most of last summer.  We would occasionally mention him this year and wonder what he was doing.  

2j had mentioned going to some River North spots on Thursday.  I pushed for Lincoln Park as I had been feeling shitty and wanted to go where there were more sets.  The River North spots have fewer sets, but better looking girls, but I didn't want to deal with that because I was feeling shitty as I described in my previous post.  

As I was walking to the dollar beers venue, I spotted what appeared to be Vinny and his natural friend.  The last time we had seen these guys was in late Spring, just after my girlfriend and I had broken up.  That was the day that the natural friend had set this napkin and pizza slice on fire at Lion Head.  It was also when this drunk fat chick had sat down.  On of the naturals friends had made out with her; I remembered that I regretted not having made that move that day.  I know I would have done it now.  Vinny had been pushing the girl to show her tits (she had a nice rack despite being fat).  The girl was drunk and craving the attention so she exposed her tits to us.  This caused the two girls who had been hanging out with us to get offended and storm off to another table.  

2j and I would laugh when we'd mention these guys to each other.  I found out Vinny had gotten married and the natural had gotten some regular girl and had also stopped going out.  The natural bought a round of shots and beer for us.  I knew I was gonna get drunk and fortunately I had planned ahead by parking in a spot where I could leave my car.  Nintendo ended up showing up and driving my car to River North and then I was able to drive when I sobered up at his house.  

I opened a lot of sets but I'm convinced I ran shitty game from being too drunk.  The 6 drinks in like 20 minutes hit me hard.  I had down well earlier in the week despite drinking.  The difference was that 2-3 drinks makes me game better sometimes compared to being sober.  Too many makes me forget what I'm focusing on.  I can still hook girls but it's a lot sloppier.  I remember hooking some sets, but I finally had a night with no make out and no massively hooked sets.  

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