Wednesday, August 15, 2012

1st set: Couldn't pull, only make out and grinding

Nintendo has some crazy endurance when it comes to getting little sleep every night.  I'd attribute it to age, but he isn't that much younger than me.  I was low energy level all day and all evening.  We had talked about going out in the burbs Tuesday night, but it looked like he was gonna blow it off.  The FB wanted to hook up but I didn't feel like picking her up, and I didn't want to blow off Nintendo.  It does amuse me that I wanted to get laid so badly not too long ago, and now I'm sometimes not motivated enough to get the easy lay from the FB.  Granted she isn't good looking, but I know that the eventually, if I keep working my game,  I'll get to a point where I'd feel the same way about a lay from an HB9 FB.

I still have willpower in that when Nintendo said he wanted to go out still, I didn't refuse.  I knew I need only take the easy way out by deciding to not go out, or to have the FB sleep over; instead, I chose to go out with Nintendo.  I kept my "Mikey" frame at bay: Nintendo and I are referring to the whining tendencies  of the main character from "Swingers" when we use that term.  Nintendo was supposed to come out early and he didn't.  Then we didn't get on the tollway and caught two trains, but I just kept being positive instead of whining about it or letting it put me in a bad mood.  We finally got to the club around midnight which was only gonna give us an hour and a half to sarge there.

High buying temperature:
We had a little bit of luck.  All that delay, including stopping at Wendy's and waiting for Nintendo to finish his meal, set us up to walk by this high buying temperature 3-set.  I saw it, but I wasn't warmed up so I made excuses and didn't move to open them.  Nintendo opened them, and then I joined.  They weren't that hot, but I did find the blonde attractive and wanted to bang her.  I knew Nintendo wants to go for better looking girls, but I tried to learn my lesson from Friday.  If the opportunity is there, and I'm willing to hook up with the girl, I should follow through for practice and because I do want to get laid.   I did offer Nintendo an out.  I told him that if he didn't want to pursue this, we could just go in, but he agreed to stay in this set.

They were on the way to this after hours place that I hated and hadn't been to in several years.  Nintendo number closed this Latina girl and then I caught up to the other girls as they were waiting for the Latina girls younger brother to drive their drunk asses to the after hours place.  I got up on the blonde and I could tell that I had been right about her buying temp.  I felt like I could make out with her right there but I held back.  Nintendo said as we were driving that it was probably the right move since we couldn't pull right there.

Quick kiss:
The after hours place was dead and never got busy.  I figured some of the people from our original club would show up but not many had even when we left at 2am.  I ordered a beer and then the girls arrived.  I put my arm around my girl when she approached the table and this time I kissed her quickly.  The friends were surprised we had kissed already when she told them that later in the beer garden.

Double pull plan:
The third girl had said in the parking lot of the other venue that she had a boyfriend but told us the other two girls were single.  I was under the impression that we were gonna try to pull the girls to my house.  Nintendo made it sound like he was gonna escalate on the friend even though he wasn't really into her.

We chatted in a group, and then I isolated my girl to the dance floor.  From the moment I met her, she kept asking me if I was gonna dance with her.  I told her there was no one on the dance floor but I was willing to get it started.  I held her hands and did an innocent type dance but it was clear that she wanted to grind right away.  We were making out and grinding but I was also trying not to get her buying temperature too high.  I kept telling Nintendo, even during in the car ride to this second venue, that I had learned my lesson  from that Y Bar Russian sets weeks ago.

Right around when I was thinking about going back to the group, she mentioned going back to the group.  I kept the frame by saying we'd do so after the song.  When we got back, I could tell Nintendo wasn't following through on the plan I thought we had.  He was sitting across from the Latina girl.  He was holding their attention, but he wasn't escalating on the Latina girl.  Just as we got to the group, I heard her calling guys trying to get them to meet her there.  She was horny and was trying to get a guy to come out there to meet her.

Bathroom conference:
Not long after I got back to the group, the girls suddenly all went to the bathroom.  I knew they were gonna talk about us.  Nintendo said that I should have tried pulling the girl to my car to fuck when I had her isolated on the dance floor.  I said that I thought the plan was to take the girls to my place.  He said he decided he couldn't do the friend.  I told him that I noticed that when I came in and that complicated things but I'd try to do what I could.

The girls were taking forever so we went in to look for them and found them all on the dance floor.  We went in to dance with them and Nintendo started to dance with the Latina.  I started to dance with my girl, and then the 3rd girl said she was going outside to smoke.  Then, my girl suddenly used the bathroom excuse to ditch me momentarily.

My thoughts later were that the girls had a conference and told my girl not to go home with me.  The 3rd girl with the boyfriend wasn't being a cockblock and had been pushing us to hook up with her friends.  I was convinced that the Latina got frustrated that Nintendo wasn't escalating and told my girl not to let it happen with me.

Nintendo later started escalating with the Latina girl.  He hadn't wanted to fuck her but he admitted to getting a hard on when he was dancing with her.  He didn't make out with her but she was grabbing his cock through his pants and he was rubbing her nipples.  He tried to sell her on a quick stop by my place to "get free beers for a bit and then come back to this venue later when it was busier."  She wasn't going for it even though she now was turned on again.

Maybe they were just too young and the group logistics were bad:
2j also talks about how 21 year girls are harder to pull because they are less willing to ditch their friends.  This is in contrast to say late 20's or older girls who will leave their friends.  Often, it's because the other friends are taken and know that the girls at that age need to get laid and/or try to find a boyfriend.

I tried to escalate and pull my girl two other times.  I even ran some rapport game when I had her isolated.  She actually ponders spirituality and loves travel, which of course gains her points in my book.  I'll also say that she and the Latina were kissing so she might be willing to explore her bisexual side.  This is in contrast to the girl with the boyfriend who didn't really want to kiss the other girls.

My girl wouldn't agree to get food or leave with me.  The Latina girl wanted to stay till 4am and my girl was tired.  I tried offering to just drive her home and said we didn't have to do anything but that didn't work.  I actually almost got her to come outside to the front parking lot.  Just as she was gonna walk out the front door with me, one of the friends popped out of the bathroom and ruined the moment.

Number close could work:
Lately, I've just been assuming that if I don't finish the pull, the number is likely to flake.  In this case, at least I ran some rapport game to make her feel like we had more than just a drunken make out connection.  Nintendo wanted to leave since we couldn't get the pull and he was sick of escalating on the Latina girl and I was content with that.  I had tried to pull and had to settle for making the number work.  I went to say goodbye to my girl.  We kissed and maybe she won't flake.  She had said she had sobered up, yet she still wanted to kiss.  She also gave the big IOI of saying, "Make sure to call me" after I had kissed her goodbye.

It's not Nintendo's fault:
At one point, in frustration, Nintendo said, "You can put this on me if you want."  I said that, yes it would have helped if he had escalated with the Latina girl from the beginning.  At the same time, I could understand if he hadn't been into it at the time.  I told him he was a good wing for helping me here at all.  We had given up going to the good venue to stay with this set.  I know that 2j often won't follow through on girls that don't meet his standards.  Sure, he'll wing, but he'll usually tell me to take a phone number.  Nintendo was occupying the friends attention, but I felt he had made it seem like he was gonna escalate with the Latina girl for practice.

I told him later that it's funny the he started to get turned on by her later on.  Too bad he didn't go for it initially.

He said he's willing to help me out in this situations because he knows that I'd do the same for him.  In fact, I had helped him with this huge girls in the Willow set.  That's the one that I didn't want to bang while he was sleeping in the same room as us.  She also was really big and wasn't into it at the time, but then later I regretted not doing it.


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