Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tried my hardest but felt shitty

I think I didn't update this blog immediately after Wednesday because I felt shitty for dumb reasons.  I had a good week up to that point.  Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, I really had pushed myself to the fullest.  I always mention the sports analogy of being happy with your best effort regardless of whether or not you win or lose.  I should have been happy with myself, and I was.  At the same time, I was frustrated that I couldn't make the pulls happen and the girls were flaky despite nearly pulling them.   I think the thing that really hit me hard was that the SNL girl from two Saturdays ago finally responded to my text on Thursday by saying, "Sorry.  I don't mean to be mean, but please stop contacting me.  I'm just not interested."

I had some reasons to feel sorry for myself.  Once again, I couldn't turn an SNL into something more.  I really was attracted to that girl and I felt like the sex had the potential to be amazing.  Instead, she had regrets.  The stupid thing is that I agreed with 2j when I had started to suspect she was turning into a flake last week.  2j is right that the girl wasn't right for me, and I saw part of that when she told me at the taco place that she doesn't know what makes her happy and that she hated her job.  She further made herself seem bad when she worried too much about what her friends were gonna say.

I could feel sorry for myself despite the fact that I had gotten some good results Monday and Tuesday because the girls flaked.  I started to browbeat myself telling myself that I suck because the girls weren't that hot and they flaked.

I should have been happy with my week and not entertained those poisonous, negative thoughts.  

After all, I had that redhead really hooked on Saturday and managed to set up a venue change where I got free cheese fries and a free beer.  I had done my best with the shitty logistics I had been faced with and I got reference experience for a cute redhead being into me.

Monday, I had faced some tough situations with those work chodes and really pushed my comfort zone.  I had pulled the girls effortlessly from the guys twice that night.  I even had her isolated in a smart way away from the guys.  I tried for the kiss and got the number close.  I made a bad decision to leave at the time, but I did the best I could in an unknown, and uncomfortable situation.  I learned a lot and figured out how I could have done better if I got to replay the situation.

Tuesday, I quickly kiss closed this blonde and I her so horny that I almost was able to pull to my car.  The logistics were shit again and Nintendo had messed things up early on by not escalating on the girl.  Despite not getting the pull, I again had tried my best and had decent results.

Wednesday, I had two girls massively hooked and I got myself out of an awkward situation with the two girls being from the same set but getting 2j to wing me.  We were so close to pulling, but we faced shitty logistics again.

Yes, the girls seem like flakes, but I have to remember something.

I've been working on building my pull skills:
It makes sense the that girls got buyer's remorse.  Part of it is the nature of night game.  Girls get drunk and then are out of state when you text and many times don't respond.  If I want more solid numbers and Day 2 possibilities, I should be working day game.  Furthermore, in trying to push really hard for the pull, I make buyers remorse even more likely.  The community wisdom is that if I want to have a better chance at it being a solid number and going on a Day 2, I wouldn't push so hard for the pull and amp up her buying temperature so much.

I need and want to work on same night pulling.  While I'd like to have a Day 2, given a choice, I'd rather work hard for the pull and have a better chance at SNL.  I made my choice and I shouldn't let it bother me that I got flakes as a result.

If you give it you best effort:
That's the ultimate lesson anyway.  You shouldn't base your happiness on results.  First of all, with proper inner game, you should be happy with the process of going out and not based on what happens.  You can only control yourself and the effort you put out.  I can't be mad that I couldn't solve an unknown situation.  I need to learn from it and maybe I'll handle it better when it pops up in the future.  I can only give my best effort and I did that.  Furthermore, 2j made the good point after Friday.  It's the same point that Tyler makes in some of his videos: I'm dealing with human beings here so there are certain elements out of my control . I would liken that to the luck factor in poker.  If I had girls with better logistics or girls just a bit hornier or more willing to ditch their friends, I might have had 1 or more SNL's this week.  Again, I can't control that.  I did my best with what I could control so why feel shitty?

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