Sunday, August 12, 2012

Thurs & Fri Ego Protection

I feel this blog isn't complete without writing about every night out.  Thursday, I went out with 2j to River North. I was proud that I pushed myself to open several tall girls.  I also opened this blonde 3 times because she seemed high buying temperature initially.  I feel like I lost her when I started dancing with her and I wasn't having fun because we were in a bad spot at the bar.  I kept getting bumped by people who were trying to get by.

Our biggest mistakes involved ego protection.  2j and I had two sets that we could have kept plowing.  Yeah, the girls seemed boring and weren't responding well but since it was a slow night, we should have kept trying to run game longer to see if anything would stick.  My big mistake was when I opened this 2-set.  There was this cute little brunette who was friendly and responded well to my opener.  The friend was unfriendly so I used it as an excuse to leave.  2j and I talked about it after and we agreed the friend probably wouldn't have interfered.  I left for ego protection reasons.

Friday, I was in a low energy mood.  I got into state by using some dumb openers.  The momentum building does work and I need to remember to just do that when I'm in a low state.  Since I've been going out so much, I had gotten used to just being pumped up from the start.  We had several longer sets.  

My favorite set of the night was this blonde that was really hooked.  I just couldn't get her to leave the friends as she was in a big set of like 5-6 girls that were leaving.  I probably should have just gone for the quick make out so I could have gotten something out of the set at least.

At the very end of the night, when we were walking to the car (and street game was about done), we spotted this two set with an okay short brunette and this big fat girl.  I told 2j I'd take the fat one because I knew he was already ready to quit for the night and wouldn't go for the set otherwise.  Sometimes, I just want to practice pulling.  Well, the fat girl was drunk and responding well.  We tried to get them to go for food but they said they were looking for their 3rd roommate.  It was funny because she showed up and she was my type, a cute redhead, and she was with a Tyler looking guy (who obviously is also a redhead).  They spotted the friend a few doors down and the brunette went to go talk to her.  They waved my fat girl over.  I looked for 2j to come with but he didn't want to pursue the set.

I knew that if I wanted to close this girl, I'd have to go over.  I think it was ego protection that made me not want to do it.  On top of that, I wasn't that excited about the possibility of laying this fat girl.  I just let the set run off.

Saturday afternoon, I started thinking that I probably should have stayed in that set for practice.  Besides that, I think I'm like some naturals.  If I banged that fattie, I'd build state off it and it would help me in future nights.  

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