Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hook 2 girls from same set, 2j & I try to pull

It's Saturday morning and I'm just now writing this FR from Wednesday.  Nintendo, 2j and I went out to Kincaid's in Lincoln Park.  It's probably better that I'm writing this so many days later, as I'm sure I'll end up cutting out a lot of the unnecessary detail that I often include into these reports.  Since I also went out Thursday and Friday, some of the less relevant details are gone from my memory.

The man highlight of the night was that I hooked two different girls that happened to be from the same set.  First, there was this chubby, drunk brunette who I opened early on in the night.  I could tell she was high buying temperature right when I opened her, but being drunk, she wandered off after I talked to her for a few moments.  I opened her two times later as she was wandering around the venue but couldn't get her to stick around for more than few minutes.

Later, this thin, pale girl, who I thought was cute, but who 2j later rated as a HB6, walked by me by the stairs.  I grabbed her and pulled her into me.  The eye contact was good and she seemed high buying temperature.  I tried figuring out her logistics.  She said she was from out of town and out with friends.  I tried to sell the after hours place to her, but at that point, she decided to wander off but tried saying that she'd look for me later.

About twenty minutes later, I was walking by the small outdoor area, and I spotted the chubby brunette again.  I immediately got right up on her and started talking to her.  Of course, she was receptive as she had been the other times.  She was with two girls and some guy.  It was at this point that I noticed one of the friends was that pale girl I had stopped by the stairs.

Whoops, and LOL!  I had hooked both of these girls but they happened to be from the same set.  The pale girl was ranting about something the guy and the the other girl, a blonde who actually was connected to my wings in an interesting way that I'll explain shortly.  I decided that I had a better chance with the brunette so I just ignored the friends and was just talking into my targets ear.

As the pale girl was ranting, I was able to talk to my target, but a few minutes later, she decided to bust me out.  Once I noticed the pale girl in the set, I recognized I had a problem, but I decided to stay in set and keep talking to my girl anyway.  The pale girl physically grabbed my girl away from me and said, "I need to talk to my friend for, about an hour."  She knew the bar was closing and it was obvious what was going on.  I decided to walk off and get a wing.  

This blonde wants to fuck someone:
At some point in the night, while the above had been going on, I ran into Nintendo and 2j after being off by myself for a bit in the venue.  2j said he had opened this chubby blonde.  He had seen a cute face and stopped her, but then as he put is arms on her hips, he noticed she had a bit of a belly, so he decided he wasn't interested.  She was hooked, and when he turned around to walk away, she grabbed his ass.  He told me that I should open this blonde because that girl was high buying temperature and wanted to fuck somebody.  He knows that I have lower standards for pulling and I'd be happy pulling her.

He said he'd point out the girl to me if he saw her again, but we didn't see her again till later.

I dragged 2j to help me wing.  I found the set in the outside area.  The pale girl was standing by the table.  I introduced 2j to her.  My girl was on the other side of the table.  Two Irish guys were standing around the girls and I think they had been talking to them.  I just walked right up to my girl and got up on her face and started talking to her again.  She smiled and within a minute or two, I kissed her.  Her face was right next to mine and it just seemed right.

When I went for the kiss, she didn't resist.  She let our lips meet and returned the kiss, but it wasn't that enthusiastic.  I broke it off quickly as I always do now because I don't want it to turn into a big make out and possibly have it release too much tension.  At this point, she got a bit weird.  She started to walk away and said, "I have to go inside and get a beer."  She had a half beer in her hand and she said, "Here, hold this."  

I turned and saw that 2j was getting along well with the pale girl.  I decided that the girl was into me and this was similar to something I've heard Jeffy describe.  Jeffy talked about opening girls on the street in the twilight hours after the bars close.  He said sometimes girls will make out with you and then run off.  In the past, I might have thought I got rejected somehow here, but I felt differently this time.

I followed her into the back bar area.  The lights had just turned on as they close this section earlier than the rest of the bar.  I caught up to my girl and tapped her on the shoulder.  What I decided to do next probably got into my head from the Alex videos.  He describes apologizing to girls for stuff if he makes them uncomfortable; for example, if he came up too strongly and startled the girl, or if he teased her too hard.  His video opened my eyes to something that I never really did before.  I used to just figure that I had to say something clever if I started the girl (e.g. I used to say, 'I don't bite' if I started the girl because this had worked on this set a few months ago).  I also would never apologized because I thought it was AFC style.

I told this girl, "Hey" as I tapped her shoulder and she turned around.  She looked into my eyes and I said, "I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable.  We don't have to kiss if you don't want to."  When I said this, she looked into my eyes and I pulled her in and kissed her again.  This time, she kissed me back.  Some guys that happened to be around as this was happening started cheering.  I lead her back outside as this area was closed.

Keep pushing it to the end:
When we got outside, I went up to 2j and the pale girl.  I started talking about after hours.  The pale girl was doing her best "Mikey" impression.  I'd learn that she was the worrying, mother hen type who had a hard time just relaxing.  Even though 2j had her hooked, she started saying she had to find her friends and she couldn't go to the after hours bar.  She tried to drag my girl to the back area because 2j and I were ready to walk to the front area and she wanted to get away from us as I think she didn't trust herself not to come with us if she stayed.  She was rejected by the back bar entrance.  We walked into the front area, and the pale girl walked past us.

We ran into Nintendo here and I said to 2j, "We need to try to make this pull happen." 2j agreed and Nintendo said he had seen them go downstairs.  We looked downstairs and couldn't find them and then the bar lights came on to indicate they were closing . I decided we should go outside as we'd surely see them there.

When I got to the sidewalk, I saw my girl walking east past the train stop.  I walked really fast to catch up with her.  I spotted the pale girl talking to the guy that had been in the set.  I just walked by them and caught up with my girl.  I said, "Hey, you shouldn't be wandering off alone at this time of night."  We made out by the corner store and I tried to set up a pull.  I said, "We should get tacos."  She replied that she couldn't leave her friends.   I tried selling the after hours bar.  She said she and the other girl were staying with the blonde and she couldn't leave the blonde. At this point, she wandered by her friends.  The blonde and the guy were standing by the train . I mentioned after hours and the blonde said we could go to some after hours place called "The Store."  I was trying to get them to go, but the guy said we had to go as a group.  He pointed towards 2j and the pale girl.

As they were all just sitting there, I tried to fetch pale girl and 2j.  I dragged my girl with me.  2j still had her hooked but when I got there, the pale girl started saying "Mikey" stuff.  I even called her out, using the Swingers movies.   She said she had seen that movie and I said, "You're like the main character Mikey.  You keep thinking too much.  Did you not see that when he finally listened to Trent and relaxed, good things starting happening for him?  We're here to party."

2j said I should try to pump emotions when a girl is acting like this.  He said he felt I was bit too logical, but he seemed to acknowledge that she started to smile and shut up when I said "We're her to party" and gave her a high five.  That lasted for a few seconds and then she said, "You guys are both really cool.  You should find some other girls."  

I finally gave up when 2j seemed to give up and I let the set go.  He said that the girl had been telling him that if that guy (meaning the guy friend that had been with the blonde) weren't there, she'd probably leave with 2j.  2j said it seemed like the guy knew pale girl's boyfriend or there was just something with that dude and pale girl . He said that my girl seemed down for whatever the group decided.  2j said he didn't want to go to the after hours because we would have been stuck with the same situation there.  Bad logistics just screwed us.

Remember that horny blonde?:
2j said as we were going to the car that it's too bad I hadn't hit on the blonde in the set.  He said that the blonde who had grabbed his ass and who looked like she wanted to fuck someone happened to be the blonde in the set.  He said it was too bad I hadn't hooked that girl as he thinks that blonde would have ditched the friends to hook up as she seemed that horny.

Another funny thing is that we saw that same blonde Friday night at Moe's.  I didn't recognized her and part of it was because the blonde on Friday seemed shorter than the one on Wednesday.  I guess she had just been wearing higher heels on Wednesday because when I asked if she had been at Kincaid's Wednesday, she said she had been.  I didn't get a chance to try to hook her this time as her big set of friends decided to walk away just as we starting talking to the blonde on Friday.

This girl wants you:
The other things I want to document was there was this brunette in this set I opened at Kincaid's.  About ten minutes after I had left the set, this girl was walking by and she said, "My friend wants you, you should talk to her."  I got right up on the blonde she was talking to but the girl resisted.  Just after that, I went up to Nintendo and said, "Wow, that was dumb.  It's so fucking obvious that it was the girl saying that shit who wanted me.  She must have liked me when I opened them earlier and I don't know why I went for the friend instead of her, except that I did like the blonde friend better than the girl saying that shit."

I mention this set because it's funny how she liked me and was expressing it that way.   It's too bad I squandered the opportunity.

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