Saturday, September 8, 2012

Several nights in a few sentences

I went out several times that I didn't blog about but wanted to update this quickly before I wrote the actually report for last night.  I got back from Florida last week helping my mother drive up here to stay with me.  Prior to that, I went out only three times that last week when I had planned on going out every day.  Nintendo and I were showing symptoms of having gone out way too often.  We were arguing about dumb shit and not having fun.  I met a new wing that weekend who happened to be into pickup.  He had some limiting beliefs that surprised me.  When I met him , he was out by himself and was dancing and pumping his own state.  Of course, we always view ourselves differently than others view us.  I can see his positives but he focuses on his negatives too much.

I had two decent nights with him that weekend.  I even found myself in a long Asian set with him.  I'm not really into Asian girls, but I remember putting my hands on this particular Japanese girl's hips.  She was wearing this long black dress.  When I put my hands on her, I felt her underwear and I remember getting really turned on.  I was like, "Wow, I'm actually into an Asian girl.  This girl has a nice body."  I think I'll go for more Asian girls in the future, though I haven't had any sets with Asian girls since then.

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