Sunday, September 9, 2012

Roller Coaster State Crash Isn't so Bad

I was having a good day until my mom started bitching as I was leaving to go out.  I can't blame it all on that as I broke myself out of that mood pretty quickly.  My first two sets were amazing.  I think I set too high of an expectation for myself because things went well early on.  Then, I let the crowd of PUA guys and wings that surrounded me make me not feel comfortable doing my own things.  

Norwegian Blonde wanted me:
This was the highlight of the night.  I remember before I got into that set, I had a good 1st set but I can't even really remember the details of that interaction and I was sober the entire night.  I remember the second set I opened was this tall blonde.  2j was there winging me when a third girl, a blonde about my height showed up.  She was really cute and I was really attracted to her.  Off the bat, she was into me way more than the other girls so I focused my attention on her.  

I remember thinking, "Wow, this is so on, and I'm so attracted to this girl."  I was all up on her, and she had her arm around me and kept touching me as we were talking.  I think she was into Filipino guys due to having a Filipina roommate.  

2j had disappeared at this point.  One of her friends had interrupted but I got through that.  I danced with my girl a bit.   I think I should have isolated her upstairs.  As with yesterday, my game has gone backwards lately in that I'm again back to having a sticking point when it comes to leading.  It's frustrating that just two weeks ago, it was normal for me to be thinking about and making myself lead girls around the club.  

I remember I was losing her at one point and then I plowed through and got her to stay another 3-4 minutes but then she wanted to leave.  She said she had to go dance with her friends.  

I feel like I would have tried to open her again but I didn't find her again until I was in this massive state crash.  The funny thing is that I happened to see her walking by while I was in that state crash.  I made eye contact with a blonde, held it, and then realized it was her.  She smiled and then she spanked my ass as I walked by.  She was leading some short guy around when I passed by.  I suppose I should have turned around but realiastically it was a high traffic area that wasn't conducive to turning around and following her.  On top of that, though I held the frame with the eye contact, I was in a state crash.

State Crash:
BTW, just as I'm typing this, my mother pounded on the door and started bitching.  Saturday wasn't so bad until I was leaving, but I realize that I need to get out of here.  I'm stuck her for awhile though and I'm not gonna have consistently good nights while I'm stressed with dealing with my mother.  I should be happy that I can even will myself to go out and still have good sets despite all this shit I'm dealing with.  

As I wrote above, contributing factors where that I expected I was gonna have an awesome night.  I felt like getting through Friday meant that the next day was gonna be easier.  The two goods sets to start of made me expect all the sets could be like that, and I probably started to lose state as I opened after that and got the expected bust outs that happen even on great nights.

There were too many PUA guys and wings in the venue.  There were at least 7 "wings."  That's guys that I actually go out with regularly and guys I know that I'm friends with and wings sets with.  Then, there was a group of PUA guys that I recognized from other nights out.  

Tyler says that you just have to do your own thing.  I realized on the drive home that maybe I got state from being the guy that takes the most action.  This group has guys that were hitting up sets hard and I wasn't allow myself to feel good about opening normally.  I kept pressuring myself to open with dance moves or open hard on every set.  I should have just opened in various ways that I'm comfortable with instead of trying to match or exceed other people's games.  

Another way the too many guys was a problem is that sometimes it was a race to open a set.  Either that, or the girls would get opened before I could get to them.  I split off by myself, but being in a state crash, I was having a hard time having fun.  

There were periods when I wouldn't open.  Then, I'd will myself to open and get no momentum cause I'd get a bust out and I felt like there were no new sets to open.  I wanted to venue change but Nintendo wouldn't leave to this other club and all the nearby ones were set to close, and had lines, so I was sort of trapped.  Eventually, I went to the 7-11 to clear my head and get an Arizona Iced Tea, which helepd a bit.  

Street game with the Asian Wing:
I forgot the nickname I gave this guy in the past and I don't know the screen name he uses.  I've sarged with him in the past and have run into him several times in the past few weeks including last night.  We haven't actually winged sets for each other in weeks.  

He mentioned getting frustrated with the venue and asked if I wanted to do street game.  I agreed as I was happy to get out of the venue.  I warned him that I wasn't at my best but I was gonna try to put an effort.  

This wing was pushing hard on the street sets like I normally do.  I know how I don't like when I'm pushing like that and my wings aren't trying so I did my best to will myself to open some sets and wing.  I wasn't feeling the energy but I did make myself do some approaches.  I can be happy that I didn't take the easy way out and leave early, nor did I just follow my wing around doing nothing like guys sometimes would do following me in street game.

This wing's enthusiasm was inspiring.  I'm surprised that other guys don't will themselves to do street game sometime when I'm the guy leading by example.  

Filipina girls:
The highlight of the night was this 4-set of Asian girls who turned out to be my own kind.  My Asian wing had this one girl hooked and had her separated to the side of the group from pretty much the beginning.  I introduced myself to the other 3 girls right way and was holding the 3 girls attention for a few minutes.  Then, this one girl seemed really into me.  I remember locking eye contact and then it was just on from there.  

Despite having a massive state crash, and having low energy prior to this, I was competent enough to hook this girl.  Then, I was confident enough to pull her into me and be up on her.  She wanted to kiss; I could tell by the eye contact and how she responded to me holding her hands and pulling her in.  I didn't want to do it in front of the friends though maybe it wouldn't have mattered and perhaps I should have gone for it.  Instead, I used 2j's "Are you single?" line.  I almost never ask that, but he responded that she was so I started trying to set up a Day 2 right there.  I number closed and it was good I did as the other 2 girls started to get restless just after I had number closed.  My girl said she had to go and I turned around.  

My wing was still all up on his girl, but the two other girls had gotten bored and were starting to walk away.  My girl and run up to catch up with them.  My wing and I tried to through out a venue change back to the original club we started out and I mentioned food but the girls wanted to go home.  

Brief text game and Logistics:
If we had more wings to occupy the girls, maybe this would have worked better.  For sure, if it had been a 2-set with the girls we had isolated, this was a likely pull.  In that case, I would have kissed my girl and it was obvious my wing's girl was ready to make out with him as well.  We just got screwed by it being a 4-set.  I'm thinking now that another move would have been to sell a food pull from the get go.  I had mentioned it but didn't push it as I had instead been talking about the Day 2 and the number close.

As we were wandering around doing street game, I had time to text her.  She responded.  We text back a few times and I tried to ask her to get a drink but she was already at home.  If I had better text game, maybe I could have tried to let her have me come over.  I didn't ask as it didn't seem like she was ready for that.  I wanted to just go for the Day 2 instead of burning the set to the ground this night.  

I was lost with late night text game.  I've read instructors talk about number closing and trying to set up a meet that night but I have no experience with that.  Usually, the girls don't respond to the "Hope you get home safely."  I end up texting them the next day and that's how I've set up the Day 2's.  Either that, or I've just pulled the girl that night (the few times I've done that.)  I guess I'll ask 2j about this type of text game.  

Pushed through:
This is the lesson again.  I have to accept that I'm not gonna be in massive state like I was this summer for awhile.  I should be happy I'm able to force myself to get through the state crashes and shitty moods I've been in.  I should be happy that even when my night feels like it sucks, I can still have good interactions.  That Norwegian girl is gonna be a big reference experience for hotter girls and the Filipina girl is a good reference point for an example of having something good happen when you keep pushing through hardship.  

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