Saturday, September 8, 2012

Polish set and Tall Lithuanian Hottie reference point

The last three nights I went out were the Sunday before Memorial Day, Thursday, and then Friday.  Each night I was in a shitty mood.  I'm not used to my mother living with me, so I've had a hard time managing the stress it has created.  She was better last night but prior to that, she was bitching nonstop and it made me not even want to go out.

2j says he views wings as fun guys that get you to go out.  I'm lucky to have some wings because it would have been harder to go out solo.  Sunday, I wasn't in that bad of a state but I wasn't my normal self.  Every time I struggle, I've been thinking, "Wow, so this is what other guys deal with.  I took for granted how I'm usually in massive positive state when I was going out this summer."  Sunday, I was opening, but I wasn't feeling as confident with the sets with hotter girls.

Positive reference with Hot, tall Lithuania girl:
The set I remembered most from Sunday was this 2-set that Crazyfoot opened.  I forgot to mention that Tenderfoot is back after a month absence where he was working on sorting out his life.  Having him back, I miss how inspiring he is with his energy.  I'm usually the one who's always opening and pushing hard sets so it's nice to have someone giving me a run for that spot.  It was especially inspiring on Sunday.

I remember seeing this tall hot girl.  At that point in the night, I was in a better mood.  I remember going up to this blonde and this Indian girl and dancing with them and trying to make something happen.  I had walked in with Nintendo and Tenderfoot and just done that by myself which was a huge state change for the bad mood I was in when I started that night.  I wasn't my usual self because I remember seeing this hot girl and not wanting to open.  I pointed the set out to Crazyfoot and he opened the girls.  He ended up talking to this weird blonde friend and I opened the tall hottie.

This was an example of how you should never try to predict the future when you see sets.  The community wisdom has always said that you never know how it's gonna go until you approach.  I know this from countless experiences as well but this one is gonna stick in my head.  Sometimes you open average girls thinking it's gonna be an easy set and they blow you off or give you a lot of bullshit.  Other times, you open a bitchy looking girl or some hotties that you think is gonna blow you off, and instead she loves you off the bad and/or is really nice.  This girl was so friendly when I opened her.

I found out she was from Lithuania and was only gonna be here for a month.  Nintendo ran off because the blonde was weird and not responding to him; I found that out later.  The blonde tried interrupting me.  I tried engaging her and she was weird.  She didn't make any sense when she talked to me and she was doing weird shit like waving and blowing kisses at me.  Crazyfoot said she did that to him and also look at his hand weird when he introduced himself initially.

Here's the huge reference point, though.  The blonde tried to blow me off and pull this hot brunette from me. This really hot girl liked me at that point, and she waved her off and stayed with me.  It's funny because I had only been in the set for like 2 minutes or so and I hadn't done much.  Of course, what I really had been doing right was the subcommunications.

I have to believe if I want her to believe:
Where I fucked up is when I started to doubt myself.  Yes, the good old entitlement problems reared it's head here.  I remember going to grab her and pull her in like I would any girl that was into me.  I then hesitated and didn't do it.  I remember thinking, "This girl is so hot.  I can't do that."  I then talked and started to dance.  I hesitated about grabbing her and getting her to dance.  Then, she did the "Nice meeting you" blow off and walked off.  Later, she was all over a bouncer.

She was high buying temperature and she liked me.  I should remember this when I see any hottie. A girl that was my type and at least an HB9 in any guys mind was into me.  The only reason it didn't work is that I didn't believe it.

I always say, "How the hell do you expect her to believe it (meaning believe that you deserve her), if you don't believe it first?!"

Polish girls:
Sunday night, Crazyfoot helped me again by getting he and Nintendo into this big Polish girl set.  I met this Polish girl that has the particular Polish face that I like.  I danced with her and number closed her.  She's been responding but I didn't push to meet this week because I was in such a bad state.  I text her today and she still responded so hopefully I can make something happen next week.  I should have tried to meet up Tuesday as I knew she was going to Joe's but I couldn't make it that night.

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