Sunday, April 12, 2015

Repeated the same mistakes two nights in a row with the same girls: I wanna cry...

This is a clip of audio from an RSD video that someone made into a short video.  It features Derek of RSD.  He talks about how you get better by going out, pushing hard, analyzing "two hours for every hour you went out."  He also talks about how he pushed it so hard in 2007 that he went home a few times and cried into his pillow.

Tonight was one of those nights.  I can't quite get the tears to flow but I'm really upset at myself.

Update from last post:
After my last post, I was sick for a week.  I went out twice the next week once I got better, but eating contests and other events made it so I was sporadic until this week where I went out Wednesday through Saturday.

Ground Hog Day/ Edge of Tomorrow
I like thinking of those two movies when I think about game.  Going out in the field gives you experience and many of the same situations repeat themselves.  In the video above, Derek talked about creating flow charts and analyzing each situation and figuring out how you could have done things better.  This and previous iterations of this blog were meant for just that purpose.  Writing these posts take up a lot of time and I gave up doing it.

My game was/has been stagnant for awhile.  I caught my game up pretty well after this winter layoff in my state of Wow addiction/depression.  It was stagnant last summer because I was so busy doing contests that I didn't have the time to go out like I had in previous years and then I'd either be so tired or felt it pointless to go out when I did have a few days off.  This was especially true when I went out alone.  I still managed to have some adventures and some game epiphanies: I think back to two painful missed opportunities by University of Delaware and Michigan State when I went out there as part of an eating contest trip.

I think another reason I haven't made much improvement is because I stopped writing these posts.  Sure, I'd analyze where I thought I went wrong, but I think I didn't analyze enough.  Making these posts is a way I can analyze night out much more thoroughly, and I think the lessons stick more when I take the time to do this.

Repeat the Same Day the very next night?!
Strangely, I had the opportunity to replay Friday night the very next night on Saturday.  It should be obvious from the intro and theme of this post so far, that I just failed to learn from my previous.night.

Actually, I can't say I didn't learn because I my analysis and game plan for the next night was spot on but I some how couldn't bring myself to execute the game plan that I knew was right the very next night.

Disney followed the game plan:
(I was trying remember what I called my promoter friend I knew through 2j, but then I realized that I think I called him Disney).
Disney learned from the previous night and made himself follow the game plan we figured out on the ride home Friday night/Sat morning.  He told me that it probably helped that he was drunk but also he realized he had invested so much time, money and effort into making Friday night happen (though Friday was smooth except that we made mistakes later in the night).  Saturday was the real grind and he said he just told himself that he had to make an effort and follow the game plan.

It paid off as well.  It worked out even better than expected.

I missed decent chance to get laid despite my failings and as a result of Disney's massive state:
I'll explain more in the following posts as I'll go into a deeper review of the past two nights, but what ended up happening is both humorous and almost unbelievable.

I've written before about some really dumb ways I manage to not get laid.  I think some of the stories, situations, and my bonehead decisions are funny.  I think it's good that I can laugh about my predicaments and follies as those near misses were so painful when that happened.  The part of this is that I think that a part of me must take this as an identity and I continue to do dumb shit to keep this theme going.

I swear this was out of my control tonight except for the fact that I disappeared into the crowd trying to cold approach when I already had a second night with girls on vacation that came to a 4th or 5th venue with us.

Wow, I feel even more stupid when I write it out like that.  Now maybe my feelings that time will seem more reasonable when I write out the complete report but I feel dumb thinking about how much time we spent around these girls over two nights.  To avoid rejections, I guess, or because I just got into a massive state crash due to inaction, I decided it was somehow better to wander around the club finding new girls.

Well, it wasn't a horrible idea to clear my head and fix the state crash but even when I ran through the sets, I never came back to the bottle service/VIP area again until the girls were all gone.

I could have just stuck around and/or came back.  That was under my control and I could have just made the evening unfold SO MUCH BETTER, if I just made the right decision at a crucial point Saturday evening.

What was not under my control was Disney's phone dying.  What's somewhat under my control is that I've known my phone is busted.  Certain apps don't work: e.g. Fox News, MapmyRun and, key for tonight Facebook and Facebook messenger.  I think I might have mentioned this to Disney, but it's not surprising he didn't remember.

If he had just sent me a normal text message, I would have seen it...

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