Saturday, April 25, 2015

Solid effort: Kissed a married Brazilian

Earlier Friday, I made myself watch some youtube videos about dancing.  I plan on slowly integrating more moves so I can tear up the dance floor solo.  When it's busy or crowded, you can't do much so this isn't going to help with pickup per say.  The videos that did help were two I watched on approaching on the dance floor.  I felt more confident after watching the videos so I made a good amount of dance floor approaches.  It was definitely way more than normal.

I got busted out a bunch but I recognize what I'm doing wrong and I'll try to fix that tomorrow night.  On the positive side, this tall girl was really friendly but someone bumped into me and I got pushed into her.  She then started talking to some guy and I gave up.  I guess that was one spot where I should have pushed more and tried to talk to her.  Still, that was a good reference experience because I'm often intimidated by taller girls, especially blondes that I'm really attracted to, and this shows once again that it's all in my head.  I need to just approach more and yes, some will be nice to me.

Brazilian girl:
This set reminded me of that Polish set in Nashville.  The girl that I seemed to click with the best tonight was married.  Recall that that this Polish girl in Nashville liked me and kept complimenting me, but she had a serious boyfriend and way loyal.  She wouldn't even let me put my hand on her hip.

I opened this Brazilian girl early on in the night.  She was really friendly but she said she was married and introduced me to her friends who she said was single.  I ended up talking to this Columbian girl who was visiting from Florida.  The interaction ended when the big group decided to move to another part of the bar.

Later, I saw the Brazilian girl walking around so I stopped her.  We started dancing in front of each other but she was acting like the Polish girl in Nashville: she would push me away if I got too close and wouldn't let me put my hand on her hip.  She was fine with letting me spin her a few times.

She was very giggly and playful.  I remember I kept thinking, why does this girl have to be married.

Leading her around:
Other than this Mongolian girl I opened earlier, I didn't really have any good prospects, so I decided to just stay with this girl.  I was having fun hanging out with her.  She had mentioned going out for a smoke earlier, so I lead her upstairs.  After dancing there, I lead her outside.  I don't smoke but I was happy to isolate and the cool air felt good since I was getting hot from dancing.  We talked more there and in hindsight, maybe I should have number closed her.

Her story is that she's her for the summer to learn English and her husband is out of the country.

I lead her back inside to the formerly VIP area that's now just a 3rd dance floor area that has seating for bottle service.  It was loud, so I had to speak into her ear.  I was trying to ask her if she watched MMA.  I always ask Brazilian girls this but of course, they usually don't watch it.  She was having a hard time understanding me, and unlike the Asian Brazilian girl that took me out to dinner 2-3 years ago, this one didn't even recognize the name "Anderson Silva."

The kiss:
She was against the wall and I was leaning in and whispering into her ear.  I remember thinking that this was somewhat erotic whispering into her ear like this.  I said whatever I was saying and pulled back, and I immediately noticed the kiss close window open.  Having failed to act in this situation far too many times, I seized on it immediately.  When I pulled back, she tiled her head up, and closed her eyes.

I should be happy that I didn't blow this.  I really was surprised as while she had been playful, she wouldn't really let me dance close to her and her she is wanting to kiss me.  I'm happy with myself that I didn't even hesitate.  I closed my eyes and kissed her.  She pulled back after 5 seconds.  I guess she felt guilty about it.  She apologized for tasting like cigarette, but I said it was okay.

We hung out a little bit more but then she wondered off.  I opened her again and Seagull was trying to tell me to escalate.  I explained later that I had been trying and that I kissed her.  He told me to try to pull.

Sadly, after she wandered off that time, I never saw her again.  Seagull pointed out to me that her friends were long gone.

The right move might have been to just follow her around the club and try to reengage or to just wait till she seemed like she was going to leave and then open her again and try to walk out with her.

The night wasn't perfect in that I went home alone but I still am excited that I gave a really good effort tonight.  I kissed a girl I was really attracted to and I never expected that she would want to kiss me.  Again, I wisely went for the kiss when the opportunity presented itself instead of hesitating or just not being brave enough to make a move.  It blows my mind the kind of things that are possible now that my game has improved.

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