Wednesday, April 22, 2015

LR: Finally broke the dry spell: Part 1: Meeting her

These logs, especially the most recent ones, have been mostly about my screw ups.  Since I'm in a writing mode from my bad night, I might as well write about this success from this weekend.  

Art Event & Fashion show:
The evening started with Prodigy and I attending this 3rd Fridays event at the Brideport Gallery area or whatever it's officially called.  We ended up walking to this fashion show happening in the same building.  Apparently, people are supposed to check in at the entrance and get a bracelet, but I just walked in.  I wish we would have stayed for the show but instead I opened two sets and then wanted to go the actual galleries.  There were 3 sets we interacted with there until coming back to the fashion show around closing time.  

I've been telling everyone that I've never seen so many hot girls in one place anywhere in Chicago.  We missed the show, but some of the girls obviously were models from the show.  There were a bunch of 6 ft tall or so girls with really beautiful faces and model type bodies.  Sadly, I didn't have the confidence to approach any of them, but I did open some of the other girls.  Prodigy and I commented later about how we felt all the girls we opened there were really friendly.  

No free drinks:
We wanted to hit the club where Disney promotes but we passed by at 11:05pm and couldn't find parking.  Disney kept saying he wanted to free drinks when we finally parked far away and I said if he really wanted them, he should have offered to pay for the parking.  I normally would pay $4 parking for 3 free drinks but I didn't plan on drinking as I had a food contest the next day.

By the time we finally walked by Sound Bar, it was clear we wouldn't get in in time for the drinks so we walked to another venue.  There was a bunch of people from this teacher convention.  I actually was feeling out of state from leaving the club and walking but I made myself open as soon as I walked into the venue.  A few random comments later to various girls, and I was back in state.

High buying temp on the Dance Floor:
There was this chubby girls dancing.  She caught my attention because prior to this, I had been the only one dancing.  I danced by her and started talking to her.  She was giving me obvious IOI's and this time I did the right thing and started to dance closer to her and ramp up kino.  It's weird that tonight, I wouldn't be able to do this.

I think I did it on Friday because I was in a better state.  Also, this was the same venue several weeks ago, where this woman had giving me obvious IOI's and I failed to do anything.  

Moving her around:
I was on that night because we were standing and talking and then I decided to move us to a table.  Many times, I've just stood in the same spot even though I know I'm suppose to move the girl but tonight I decided to do things right.  We sat down, kept talking, and soon we were making out.  

I just remember there was this pause and we looked into each other's eyes and I just went for it.  It helped that my chair was close to her and I had been keeping up the kino.

A friend (later I found out, one of her best friends who was also in town for the conference), came by to check on her and my target said, "I'm fine.  Go ahead.  I'll text you when I get back to the room."

I actually made a bad assumption here.  That exchange prompted me to ask what hotel she was staying at,but I didn't ask her room situation and just assumed she had her own room.  I'd find out later that she had two roommates (and it was with two women she wasn't close too.  I had assumed it was that friend and someone else.)

I decided to move her out side and go for the pull.  Part of me just wanted to stay there but I knew I had to try to walk her out of there.  I finally made myself try to get her outside.  I was following Julian's words of just baby stepping it.  I got her outside.  

I offered to walk her to the hotel but she wasn't ready so I decided to walk us by the Rock n Roll Mcdonald's.  I wasn't going to eat anything, again because I had a food contest the next day.  She said she wasn't hungry, so I just took her upstairs to look at the artifacts they have up there.  After that, I brought her to look at the special Corvette they had outside.  

We had a long conversation there.  I'll say that she and I really connected on a lot of things and we were able to just keep talking.  It seemed like we could talk forever.  We made out some more there. I think I threw out the idea of walking back to her hotel and hanging out there but this is when she told me she had two roommates.  

I decided to walk towards my car.  I forgot to mention that it was a beautiful night.  It was warm so walking was pleasant.  I felt it might be weird to walk to where I was parked as there was this abandoned church next to where I parked, so I told her she could wait by this club (it happened to be the club where Disney got 5 girls and us the free entrance and bottle service a week ago.)  I decided it would be dumb to leave her in front of the club.  I don't think any guy would have picked her up, but you never know.  Guys sense high buying temp and make moves and I like to try to make high probability moves.  I walked to the street where I was parked and pointed out that I was just a block down.  

I'm sad this evening is coming to an end:
That's what she said as we were talking in the car.  I was trying to figure out my move.  I thought if I got to the car, I could try to get her to come home with me, but I haven't mentioned that I had the complication that Prodigy and I had carpooled.  I had to somehow get him home.  I thought that maybe I could do what Seagull did with me and make her comfortable with Prodigy riding with us.  

When I mentioned going to my place, she said "I don't know you well enough to go back to your place."

I think I knew it then and I know it now that I can't expect a yes too often with that move.  I need to just talk up and after party or White Castle and then just start driving towards my place while just keeping a fun conversation going for the 30 minute drive.  

I was glad she rejected it because I knew that the next day, or in 10 hours at that point, I had to leave to go to Detroit for a food contest.  I knew that would involve me getting little sleep, driving 5 hours, doing the contest, sarging Ann Arbor or East Lansing, and then likely driving 5 hours home unless we pulled (Disney came with and we tried our best to try to pull but to no avail.)  She had said she had to get to the conference at 8:30am so if she did come home with me, I'd get no sleep as I'd have to wake up and drive her back, then drive back to my area so I could meet up with Disney to go to Detroit.  

Here till Monday:
I found out she was here until Monday.  She asked me if I could hang out Saturday but I had to remind her that I was going to Detroit.  I said we could meet up Sunday afternoon.  

We made plans in front of her hotel.  After we got in my car, we talked and I drove to the hotel.  Prodigy finally called me just as we were sitting in front of the hotel.  His phone had died, which I knew was going to happen and I was worrying how to find him.  He told me had had used this security guard's charger at the gas station.  

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