Thursday, April 23, 2015

Another Night, Another Fuck up

I realize I'm being overly negative with the title of this post.  There was a set that I was in for awhile that I should have number closed.  It's stupid that I wouldn't even do it.  Seagull and I got into this two set and I thought this was gonna be the set of the night.  The conversation was going well.  It was the typical girl lately that I do really well with: I haven't completed the LR from this weekend, but that girl was similar.  I'm talking late 20's or older and educated.  The one from this weekend is working on her PhD and this one was working on some MD/PhD program.

The set got messed up when Seagull's target went to the bathroom.  She was gone for awhile and my girl decided to go follow here.  We stayed by the bar as my target had left her phone and the friend had left a backpack.  They came back and were talking to themselves so Seagull and I just talked to ourselves.  We might have done that too long as they left again.  We decided to walk around and I told them the one girl had left her bag by the bar.

I returned about 5-10 minutes later, and the girls gave me the "girls night out BS."  The friend/Seagull's target wanted to talk about some work drama, and I just said, "Hey, try to be positive.  Don't be negative!"

The move was go back later and number close my girl.  I kept procrastinating it and when I finally went up, I saw them just as they were literally walking out the door.  If I had gone a few minutes earlier, I would have been ok.  My target said it was nice talking to me and hugged me.  I asked her if she was single, but this was as she was walking out the door.  I swear she said yes but I wasn't sure.  I didn't want to follow them out so that was it.  In retrospect, I should have followed out because I had nothing to lose at that point.

Beyond that, I should have just taken a number early on.  I enjoyed talking to her and while I wasn't all over her, I was at least doing some light kino.  I think I didn't go for the number because I really thought we were going to be able to stay in this set all night.  When a set is going really well, I should just number close because I never know what's going to happen.

I feel stupid that I screwed up something that should be beginner game at this point in my sarging experience.

Saying dumb shit:
I haven't done this in awhile, but I did it with this Minnesota set.  Well, that was the final screw up.   RSD Jeffy says that often you just have to avoid saying stupid shit.  I said this comment that was sort of a neg when I went to open her like the 3-4 time, and it made her insecure and pissed off.

I might have screwed it up even earlier.  Seagull and I opened this 2-set.  We had talked about how we should try switching girls after Tuesday night.  My girl wasn't really responding and I heard Seagull's girl mention Minnesota.    Since I went up there 4 times last year, it gave me something to talk about.  I asked our question that is code for if we want to switch targets and Seagull agreed.

It was so much better after we switched.   I don't really remember how, but the set ended up ending.  I opened them again by the bathrooms when Seagull went to talk a piss.  This is where I was afraid to kino.  It's dumb how I still suffer from this sticking point.  It just pops up even when I've done better kino earlier in the night.  My mind was screaming at me, "Just get closer and grab her hands" but I couldn't make myself do it.

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