Sunday, April 12, 2015

Pissed off, motivated Leads to a Productive Day

I woke up and I just felt motivated to get things done.  There's some dumb stuff I've been procrastinating like getting this bicycle out of my car and I just decided to go do it.  Last night just made me realize that my life isn't the way I want it to be is mainly a failure to execute.  Again, I had a decent chance, heck, a good chance, to have sex last night but I just froze and gave up.   Today was an epiphany but it made me realize that it's time to take action in all the other things I've been trying to commit to doing.  

I've been more consistent with my workouts.  I actually got in two weight work outs this week and I've been running regularly.  Today has me certain I'll stick to this and be even more dedicated.  My motivation extended to the diet as well.  I want to get back in shape so my better clothes will fit, so I stay healthy, and because it will help with competitive eating.  I've been lazy because I just didn't have the drive that I did when I thought it would help with women.  Today, I got my free food and committed to just giving it to my mother.  Instead I kept the calories low and at volume and did liquid training.

That's another aspect of my life I neglected: diet for weight loss but I'm also talking about setting up my diet for training for my eating events.  

I realized that I all these various aspects of my life that I've been neglecting chip away at my sense of confidence and entitlement so getting on track with them will help with pickup.  I just need to take action instead of allow myself to just wallow in mediocrity.  

I really think this screw up was a good thing in that if I had just made the little effort more and gotten laid, I wouldn't have been motivated to step up my life game.  

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