Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Saturday in Champaign

Saturday was a disappointing day in that I lost this food contest to someone that I should have beaten.  I think it'll be a good thing as it serves as an additional motivation to start being more serious about that aspect of my life in addition to fitness.  That Saturday with Disney a few weeks ago motivated me but I still haven't been serious enough about preparing for food contests.  Had I won this again, I think I would still lack motivation.

In terms of pickup, it was a good night in that I tried hard.  I was disappointed because we couldn't pull again in a college town but that was setting the expectation a little too high.  It's not like I'm pulling regularly back home so I can't expect to have a good chance when I go on these trips.  

My favorite set of the night was when I made myself open this tall girl that I found probably the most attractive girl of the night.  It was a good reference experience in that she was super friendly.  She wound up being there with her boyfriend who had just placed pretty well in the marathon that day.  I mention this fact because had I not opened, I might have beat myself up about not opening her and it turns out she wasn't even available.  I have several reference experiences of positive experiences with opening tall girls including one blonde last fall that was really into me, so I need to remember that the next time I feel intimidated by one of these girls.  

The later part of the night, we were in this tough venue.  I remember trying hard in the final hour by hitting up a bunch of girls, including on the dance floor.  I still haven't gotten smooth with dance floor openings but at least I'm trying hard there and weathering the rejections.  I even hooked this tall girl on the walk back to the car but her friend cockblocked me.  

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