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Free bottle service, 5 girls, and a Wing Eating Contest

Friday night was epic considering how bad my Feb 13, 2015 was in terms of game.  I went out after the winter of WoW and depression and barely opened and lamented about how badly I had let my game and my life regress.  It was so painful that I ditched Disney and Asian Cousin the next night rather than go out and probably have a similar night that I knew I would make me feel even worse.  

I feel better writing this entry because I realize that on the bright side, my tale I've been setting up as this utter failure to execute when I'm given a rare chance to relive a very similar evening and change things around into an truly epic Saturday night, actually had a great start.  

As I was working through this post, I remembered that the whole night started with Disney's competitive eating debut.  This is when I changed the title of this post to "Free bottle service, 5 girls, and a Wing Eating Contest."  I just giggled as  I wrote that.  I had watched this video again where I think it's Tyler who talks about how I'm supposed to have the frame that when I'm out, I'm in my movie, my awesome movie, and I'm offering value by allowing girls to be a part of it.  This is in contrast the frame most guys have and the one you want to avoid as this is usually why we bust out of sets: trying to wiggle your way into the girls party because you need girls to complete your life or you just aren't having or don't know how to have your own fun.  

I feel so much better after I wrote the above edit in that I realize that despite choking badly in my prime time debut (I've been thinking about framing that night in that type of sports analogy when I get to that post), my weekend and some unique aspects to it.  Bluntly, in many ways, my weekend was pretty fucking cool and in ways that are unique.  I mean that in the the true sense of the word: one of a kind: there aren't many people that can even have the evening I experienced.  I need to remember this when I'm doubting myself at some point in the future.  Yes, there a many guys that get laid, especially in the PUA community, and there are other eaters out there, but my life is interesting and I have things I can post about that no one else can.  

As I wrote "Editx2" I said to myself, "Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with me sometimes?  When I was a hard case newbie like in the old blog, trying to do what Tyler talks about was a just a mind trick I had to play on myself.  Now it's actually the truth: I have fun no matter what and nights out with Disney are always exciting.  When I doubt myself nowadays, I guess I forget all the unique experiences and adventures I go on now.  I must forget how the majority of the time, I'd massively creep out any and all girls.  I must forget how my heart use to beat so hard with the approach anxiety I use to experience.  

I don't spend money on women:
I have this rule for myself that I try to spent ZERO dollars on woman.  If one were to look through my old posts, one would find some stories where I followed this rule to my detriment.  I've messed up sure lays by sticking to principle.  Saturday seems even more stupid because I went with the flow and violated this rule and then let myself turn the night into a personal state death spiral.  Okay, my state crash felt like that on the drive home, but to be fair to myself, I didn't go sit in the corner and just give up.  I might have given up on a great set that we cultivated but it will be clear later that at least I didn't give up on the evening and I gave whatever effort I could till the very end.  

VIP & Bottle Service:
With that rule and with me not having disposable income to throw around, it should be obvious that I don't get tables.  Most of my wings follow my rule above though some of them are wisely more flexible and will pay for drinks or meals when appropriate.  Disney violates the rule aove but he has the money to do so and he's not a student of the game in the same way I am so he didn't have this rule drilled into his had by the community and the book "The Game."  Still, he's not dumb enough to throw around $300-400 for bottle service every weekend in the hopes of getting girls, which is what many guys do.  Many guys think you need to have the table service to get laid.  

I think the closest I've gotten to a bottle service experience was probably 4-5 years ago, when I met these Polish girls at Excalibur (that club is now called Castle and it's been that way for a few years so this shows how long ago that was).  I got into this Polish set and they had half a bottle of vodka left and gave me some.  
(Edit: Actually, after writing the next paragraph, I remembered my one NYC club experience.  One of my cousin's best friends used to own a club there.  Back in 2007, I think, I had the total VIP experience.  This club in Manhattan had a super long line to get in that I completely skipped.  I was dressed like a tool too in my Hawaiian shirts I was trying to peacock in back then.  My cousin's had a free bottles for us, but he just asked me to pitch in money for the tips.  I didn't really drink back then and I had to drive so I think I only had one drink.  I think there's an entry in this, or the original blog, how that place had some of the hottest women I've every seen.  In the VIP section too was a lineman from the New York Giants as well).  

This week, thanks to Disney's hook ups with his promoter job, was bottle service Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Thursday was free but I only got one drink from the table and I barely knew Disney's promoter table crew, so I didn't dare go near it when Disney left around midnight.  Friday, as I'll explain below was totally comped.  Saturday, I pitched in $20 for the tip for one bottle service, which is cheap, and Saturday night ended with free bottle service at the final club.

I've been at the table-Tyler/Owen:
I remember watching a Tyler video where he talks about how you don't need money to get girls.  He mentions how he has friends that get tables and he admitted it makes things easier, but said you don't need it.  

I always wondered what it's like and I'm finally getting to experience it.  My edit above made me remember that I had two experiences with bottle service, but the experience this weekend is different in that my game is on a different level as I was complete newbie back when I was at the NYC club.  

The horrid Spicy BBQ challenge:
I didn't write any detailed reports, though I might have mentioned it in passing.  In October or November of last year, I ran into Disney at a club he promotes.  I used his password to get in and get free drinks but I hadn't run into him and was completely out of contact with him.  I found out he was working out of state and just home for the weekend.  It turns out he was living up where I had to drive up to pick up some free beer I won in an eating contest.  It was the perfect coincidence and he let me stay with him for free when I got my beers. 

When I was visiting, he expressed an interest in trying some eating contests or food challenges.  I totally screwed him over, unintentionally, by having him try this ridiculously spicy food challenge.  I had eater friends that must have gotten a different challenge because they told me their was easy (one guy even said his challenge tasted good).  I can handle spicy foods as I ate 50 jalapenos for a contest and several years ago, I won a free TV by winning a ghost pepper eating contest.  My point is that there is not way these two eater friends handle spice better than me.  I'm convinced their chef made them a different version of this food challenge.  Further evidence is that they didn't suffer the after affects (that's a euphemism for my experience of waking up every hour that night having to take a massive flaming shit, and still having flaming shits on the drive home over 24 hours later).  

He had a horrible experience and didn't finish the meal so he had to pay $25-30 for this piece of crap meal.  I've done many food challenge and contest in the past year and I can say this was the most horrid challenge I've ever done.  I suppose the ghost pepper contest was worse experience but at least I knew what to expect going into that.  This was unexpected.  I finished mine but I wish I could have puked it up afterward, and it wasn't for a lack of trying.  (I haven't written much about my competitive eating, but those who know me know that I don't like to reverse (i.e. throw up) after contests and never try to make myself do so.  After this challenge, I felt so shitty that I actually tried to make it happen yet it wouldn't come out.  I would have had a much better 30 hours after the contest if I had managed to do so).  

Wing Contest Debut:
Disney is positive like I try to be, though the way the first post in this series started, you'd think I was a negative downer.  He didn't regret trying the food challenge and we still laugh about the experience to this day.  

On Thursday, while I was waiting for Prodigy (I had to look up his nickname from an old post) and Disney to arrive at the club.  It was dead so I was just playing with my phone and I happened to find out there was wing contest the following night about an hour away from me.  When I was in the middle of contest season last year, I'd check the food contest website every day, but lately I'm lucky if I checked it once a week.  I would have missed this contest had these guys not been late.  

I decided I wanted to go to the contest as it was $10 to enter and there were prizes for the top 3 finishers so even if one of the three people in the area who could beat me showed up, I'd get something for my money.  When Disney arrived, I told him about the contest and he said he wanted to go.  

My arch rival (We have/ad a good rivalry going as I met him in a food contest and surprised him by beating him unexpectedly. Realistically, it shouldn't be considered a rivalry as I've beaten him every time save 2 technique food contest) , decided to take a super long drive to come to this wing contest in my neck of the woods.  Since this is my PUA blog., I'll shorter this super long post by not going into much detail about the contest.

I'll summarize by saying if I had to give odds prior, I would have said it was 80-85% likely I'd lose this contest to my rival as he has better wing technique, and it was a short contest (3 mins).  I only really outperform him in longer contests.  He'd be the first to admit that in an 8-10 minute contest, I'm the favorite.  My break from sarging was also a break from competitive eating (there aren't many contests in the winter, and I was fucked up as I've mentioned so I stopped working out and also stopped training for food contests).  I faced him in a St Patrick's Day themed contest, and he was close to me in that for at least 5 minutes out of an 8 minute contest, so that's another reason I thought I could lose.  

Somehow, I pulled off the victory and I felt the same way I did as when I beat one of my best friends in this other contest last year that I felt he was favored in.  I was so focused on my rival in this wing contest that I didn't even watch Disney or pay attention the weigh ins.  

In his first wing contest, Disney took third which is like winning the contest because he beat all the other competitors.  He had no chance to be neither my rival nor me, so this was the best he could hope to do, and he met that expectation.  A woman next to him beat all the other guys.  I just mentioned that because many would think a woman would be the least likely to win, though follows of competitive eating would know that a small woman is one of the top eaters in the world right now.  
Wing Contest Opener:
I try to amuse myself nowadays by creating new openers or new lines I can use when in sets.  I kept saying in set Friday that we were celebrating Disney's competitive eating debut.  This worked well because I had fun doing it and anything that amuses me will work (Tyler talks about why this is).  On top of that, it also DHV's me because Disney would later mention that I won the actual contest.  

Part 2 is how we ended up with 5 girls and bottle service...

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