Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I was that cool guy in the club

It feels weird for me to type that, but it hit me as I was laying on Asian Cousin's floor.  I think this is the one night in this journey that I've come closest to being the ideal PUA/cool guy in the club.  I've had other nights where I've done better in terms of results in that I actually made out with a girl, and pulled.  With the exception of not setting up the kiss close with fitness girl, and not making some crazy gay role play method to pull the Canadian girl with the boyfriend, I about did everything right.

There were mistakes in that maybe I could have ran some other sets differently, but when I think about all the Tyler stuff I've listened to about how to be in the club, I really think Saturday was a massive breakthrough in that for once, I was as close to living out what he describes as I've ever been in this journey.

Tyler talks about how you should be the one having the most fun in the club.  Most of the time, unless I'm having an especially shitty time, I do have a blast going out.  It's just that often ,there's a lot of time where I'm hesitating to open, or I'm just standing around know/thinking about how I should be opening or doing something.  From the moment I walked into the first venue, I was having a blast and I don't even remember standing around hesitating.  Sure, there were times when I was dancing by myself or walking around, but I was thinking about what I should be doing.  I was just in a constant flux of having fun and "being in the moment" (another line Tyler uses to describe this proper pickup state).

Cheat codes/alcohol helped, but to my credit, I had some good moments on Friday when I was completely sober.

This whole week has been full of breakthroughs.  I didn't even write about it until now, but Thursday had few sets, but I had some moments of brilliance there too.  I remember thinking about how I had two sets where I was so spontaneously creative.  I just came up with some funny, entertaining, new material instantly.

The week was filled with a surprising number of girls giving me the anime eyes of interest.

Heck, I even got opened, and then there was this unbelievable Canadian set where the girls was all over me with the boyfriend right there.

I guess it's 10 years of one and off work towards pickup finally starting to come together.

Now, if anyone is reading this, don't think that I'm all of sudden full of myself or something.  I'm just appreciating how far I've come since starting this journey, and how quickly I've reversed things from that shitty Feb 13 outing.

I have a long way to go and I still need to break super long dry spell of not getting laid.

I can just see that I've arrived.  I probably will get laid a lot very soon because I can see that if I just keep going out, it's going to happen that I make out with girls and ultimately pull.  Well, I suppose I could get a number close+ day 2 route as well.

I forgot to even mention that I did some day game on 1 hour of sleep Sunday with Asian cousin.  I haven't done serious day game in probably 4 years.  Yeah in Atlanta, we opened some sets in the day time,but this was serious walking around the Magnificent Mile trying to open random girls walking by or walking around the mall.  I didn't get any numbers but it felt good to be doing it again.

Asian Cousin said I did well Saturday and I can't even be hard on myself for my mistake(s) that night.  I really can see that if I just keep doing what I've did last week, I can start actually living the PUA life style I've sought since starting this, heck, that I've sought my whole life.

What sucks is that I'm now sick from ramping up my work out, and probably from this one wing being sick on Tuesday.  I just have to rest.  I hope I can go out by Thursday or Friday as I can't go out Saturday as I'm going on a 24 trip to St Louis to do a food competition.  I don't have to not sarge for an entire week and lose momentum.

I even had a big fight with my mother on Sunday that I don't want to get into.

Well, that's how life is though.  I think I can press on and I hope I'll have some more interesting stories to write about soon.

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