Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tues-Saturday: Sarging every night

I went out Tuesday-Saturday with various wings, but my really good wings came out on Saturday.  This included Asian Cousin who told me on Wednesday that he was staying in Chicago on Saturday night.  He said I could get drunk with him and stay in the hotel room.  I decided to use his coming to motivate myself to go out every night.  I wanted to be a great wing and be the complete opposite of how I was when he came out Feb 13th.

Just a bit of a side note: As lame as I was on Feb 13th, I didn't complain and tried to be positive even though I felt like shit.  I couldn't allow myself to be burden to the night.

I could write a ton of posts on what happened each day, and maybe I should have taken the time to write field reports for each night.  This is already taking too long and I haven't even gotten to the real things I wanted to write about from Saturday night.

Tues-Thursday, I had a bunch of drinks to start off, but as usual, as I'm being responsible, I made sure to count the drinks so I'd be sober by the time I was supposed to drive home/  I still think drinking is a cheat code, but I like the cheap drinks and the night starts out so much better when I do drink.

I'll give myself credit for going out totally sober on Friday.  I want to make sure I do some sober nights because I don't want to rely on cheat codes to sarge.  I see friends who do this and I don't want to have no game when I'm sober.  On top of that, I've been working on trying to just be friendly, funny, and cool in all my interactions.  I can do it in night game, but I want to joke around and make funny comments in the day time and even when I'm just dealing with a store clerk.

Friday was a good night to do it too as we were going out in Naperville.  That city is notorious for giving out DUI's and even though I never drive when the drinks haven't been processed out of my system, I felt it was a good night to just be sober the entire night.

Friday was a breakthrough in that I did great sober.  This was while dealing with my friend who kept talking theory, which is a bad idea when out because being logical is such a different state of mind than being in a fun party headspace.  Despite that, I kicked myself into party mode and I was just opening like crazy and having fun.

A girl opened me!

Andydufresne told me on Wednesday that he doesn't get opened as often as I think he does.  He said that if he goes out regularly, he probably will get opened once a month.  That's more than me, of course. I probably will get opened 1-2 all summer if I go out 3-5 days a week the whole summer.

I was about to open this girl, but when I made eye contact, she said "Hi" first.  I moved her over to quieter area.  She was really nervous and kept fumbling for words.  Early on, she had been giving way obvious ioi's, like she kept talking about my lips and asking what lip balm I was using, and asking if she could try some.

I think I needed to try to kiss close when I moved her.

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