Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Breakthroughs: ATL & Nashville: You are really good with girls

There were many cool stories that I should have written about here.  I'll try to make a quick summary of some key events that helped me get back.  As mentioned in my last post, working out again, and halting the fat gain was a start.  Next, I got motivated by the Jake's Deli contest.  I had let my eating skills deteriorate as well and having a contest coming up helped motivate me to get things on track.

Free trip to ATL:
My close friend had talked about how he was going to go to Atlanta GA for training.  He had mentioned doing this in November and then nothing came of it so I had forgotten about it.  Suddenly, I checked my phone and found a text asking me if I wanted to go along on the trip.  I could stay in the room for free, and unlike the Minnesota training trip, I didn't even need to get out to Atlanta as he was renting a vehicle and driving down, so that was free as well.

It's funny that I debated if I should go or not, but I knew that getting somewhere warm and just getting out of the house and away from my computer would help me out.  Furthermore, there was a Pho challenge that awarded a gift card, and I had the possibility of trying a paid partner pizza challenge as well.

I got warmed up by going out the Friday and Saturday before.  That Saturday was a crazy night in that a bunch of random events happened.  For example, my promoter friend got two girls to come in a cab with us to the Mid, but one girl got in and the rest of us couldn't.  The remaining girl took off in a taxi. In retrospect, I see that the move was to go with her then or to try to go grab food with her when it was clear we wouldn't get in.  Then, some girls we had talked to early pulled up, and my promoter friend told them it was no good inside, so we hopped in.  We went back to Sound Bar, and the girls were gonna pay $20 each to get in with 50 minutes left, but they were short like 10 dollars.  I told them to forget it and just come grab food but they insisted on arguing to try to get in.  

I literally had to leave for the trip in an hour, so I drove home and finished packing.

ATL RSD guys:
I met up with a guy who I guess goes out every night in Atlanta and posts on the RSD forums where he's going.  There were three guys I met over two days in this crew and I have to say that all three were sociable, and more importantly, they were all trying.  This included an apparent new guy who met up with the group for the first time.

Last night in ATL:
I started off being the second person to complete this Pho challenge.  The prize was a free meal and a $100 gift card, but some girls we were talking to next to us offered to buy the remainder of the gift card ($65).  I used $35 of it to pay for my friends drinks.  I facebook closed this cute girl we were talking to next to us.  We both tried to get the two girls to come out with us after the food challenge, but they had to work the next day and we were unsuccessful.  The next day, my friend said that my target had said something like, "I'm 40 years old... too old to be staying out really late on a work night."

I was shocked.  I would have sworn she was younger than me.  I looked through her facebook pics and I could see how she could be 40, but she looks spectacular for that age.  It seems that she's into fitness as I saw several pictures of her hiking and running races, though later she told me she wasn't that into running.  I'm still in contact with her.  She has a BF but I think if I do go back out there, I'd have a decent change of closing it if I can get her to meet up with me.

Earlier in the night, my friend had opened this wild, tall girl at the Coca Cola factory.  I just remember thinking "Wow, this isn't that hard to just be out and open sets."  I still think I need to just spend a night out here in Chicago and just do the same thing.

After the food challenge, we met up with the ATL crew.  We started at a college bar with some college freshman.  We all felt a bit uncomfortable: some because of the age difference, though I was the 2nd oldest and it didn't really bother me.  What made it hard, was that it was early, so people hadn't gotten drunk, and the sets were just massive groups where everyone knew each other.  A contributing factor of difficulty for me was there were a lot of Asian and South Asian girls.  I'm not as into them and I'm more motivated to open white girls.

I proved this went we went to the Hip Hop club across the street.  I immediately opened this cude blonde from Europe and was really talking to her man-to-woman instead of standing 3 feet away like I did the previous night.

Later, II kept grinding and trying to make out with this chubby girl at this hip hop club.  It was weird with her in that it seemed like she let me kiss her, but she wasn't really into it and wasn't reciprocating.  Still, that was a huge step for me.  I was sober that whole night as well, yet I was opening strong and making moves.

Nashville Polish girl:
The next night we got a late start in Nashville.  I had an interesting confrontation with some insecure drunk guy.  Normally, I'd spent a ton of time writing about the incident.  It was just interesting that it happened with my childhood friend there as we had been discussing how I handle confrontations at the bar on the drive down.  He actually got to see how I handle it.

More importantly, my friend opened this Spanish girl who was with a Polish friend.  I was getting along well with the Polish girl but she said early on that she had a boyfriend.  They later left.

Fate would have it that we ran into them at the second venue.  I guess it made sense as it was the only one on the block without the typical honky tonk (that's what the bars on that strip are colled) live music (mostly country).  This club was playing regular club dance music.  I saw my girl and immediately opened her and started dancing by her and the Spanish girl.

It turns out that if I had gone for the Spanish girl, I might have gotten laid.  She was high buying temperature and starting making out with some guy that danced with her.  I was focused on the Polish girl.  I knew she had a boyfriend but I thought it didn't matter.  Ultimately, I wasn't skilled enough to get her to forget about her man, but I got a spectacular set of compliments that really felt was a breakthrough.

"You are really good with girls."
She liked me, but she was committed to her boyfriend and I just wasn't skilled enough to make her get past though.  (It's possible she just was that committed but I'd like to think that if I had guru level game, maybe I could have pulled her). Regardless, I gained confidence form the set.  She kept giggling at everything I was saying.

I remember her smiling and saying at one point, "You are really funny!."  She then followed with, "You are really good with girls."

In summary, I actually made myself really try to escalate in some sets, and this was a big breakthrough.  Obviously, it was the extreme opposite of how I was Feb 13th, but it was a big step towards where I was at the end of the summer.

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