Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sat Epic Night: I'm the life of the club/Fitness Girl

Asian Cousin kept saying the next day that my game was really good Saturday night and that I definitely beat him if we were having a contest.  I told him that pickup is not a contest.  Everything just came together though and some remarkable things happened.  If I could game like I did on Saturday every day, I would pull regularly, and I really will start to have some unbelievable experiences.  I didn't get laid this past Saturday, but some amazing things experiences happened.  

I really felt like I was in the mindset of being on vacation.  I told this to several sets.  As I've said, if I have to drive home, I have to watch my drinks.  Since I was staying with Asian Cousin, I could just go crazy.  At the same time, I decided when we were drinking at the hotel that I didn't want to get sloppy.  I had just watched a Tyler video about alcohol and game and he mentioned that one problem with drinking is the crash and sloppy game that can result at the end of the night.  I remember how I got messed up three New Years ago.  I made out with this girl and I was so drunk I couldn't close.  I was running into people too and just couldn't formulate a plan on how to get her out of the club.  

I drank more than usual, but not enough to have a crash.  I think I was even sober by 5am.  Asian Cousin, had a major crash and wanted to go back to the room at 2:30am.  I went with him, and it's a good thing I did as my keycard that he had given me ended up not working so I would have had a miserable night waiting to get my stuff out of his room.  

Life of the club early on:
Loaded with cheat codes, I just started opening as soon as we got in.  I remember dancing with this blonde on an empty dance floor.  People were watching of course, and even the club photographer snaps some pics, which I thought was amusing.  

A buinch of sets didn't go anywhere, and I got busted out a few times.  Mostly, I remember getting a bunch of IoI's from girls.  I remember opening two blodes, one was over six feet tall, and one was about my height or a few inches taller.  I initially wanted the tall girl as I always want a really tall girl, but the way the shorter girl reacted to me opening them made it obvious she was into me.  Before my wings could even come in, the tall her pulled my new target away.  

I went back and found them on the dance floor and opened again.  My new target told me that the tall one had a boyfriend.  I said, "I don't like her.  I like you!"  She giggled and said, "I have a boyfriend."  I tried to persist, but she said, "No, I'm serious" and she showed me the lock screen of her phone, which was a pic of her and her boyfriend.  Still, that felt good that I this girl was attracted to me, and that I went back into the set.

Earlier, there was this short Indian girl that seemed into me, but I lost her twice, and then I think she left as I couldn't find her again.  

Fitness girl:
We left the venue and ended up at Public House, which I normally only go to on Tuesday.  I walked in and saw another 2-set of blondes dancing.  One was a little overweight, but cute, and the other one was shorter, in shape, and really pretty.  I immediately went over by them and started dancing.  

Thinking back, I made eye contact with the cuter girl (Fitness girl), and then just kept dancing.  I starting to see that that the way to do it is to make eye contact with them and then not react to how they respond and just dance and have fun.  

I briefly opened the other girl.  I remember stopping myself and saying, "No, you want to just talk to her, but you really want that other girl, so this time you are going to go for the girl you actually want."  

Many time in the past, I've just gone with the less attractive girl, thinking deep down that somehow it will be easier or somehow I don't deserve the cuter one.  It's so dumb because often time the girl I really do want will actually be attracted to me more b/c I'll try harder and my subcommunication will be better as I'm really attracted.  On top of that, the less attractive girl isn't necessarily easier.  

My target was receptive and we had a lot to talk about as she was really into fitness.  She said she was training for her first body building competition.  This came up when I did my usual spiel about trying the typical Chicago foods: pizza, Italian beef, and hot dogs.  She said she can't eat that because she's training.  

I remember I stalled at one point, and Seagull, who had come into wing me, helped me out by pointing to my target's bracelets.  Jewelry is a good way to continue a conversation and to start kino: you touch it and ask about it.  I started talking to my girl again.  

From this point, we started to have pauses in the conversation when we'd just looked into each others eyes.  It really was similar to how it was the previous Saturday.  Obviously, I should have went for the kiss, but it felt like I had to surmount a big hurdle, because I wasn't standing close enough to her, and I hadn't done much kino.  

I ended up not doing anything and after the 4th time of it happening, my girl grabbed the other girl and said they had to go to the bathroom.  

I knew I had fucked up.  I ruined the set because I wouldn't escalate.

Lying on Asian Pua's hotel floor, I later realized a way I could handle future situations in a way that I'll feel comfortable making a move.  I figured that I could have just pulled her in and given her a statement of interest.  She really did stand out from most of the girls I meet a bars.  I  complain to my wings that I probably won't find what I'm looking for a the bar, because there are too many girls that smoke or drink too much.  I'm more into girls that work out.  I thought I'd like a runner, but this girl was even better as an aspiring body builder is more into nutrition than most runners, and she seemed to know her stuff. 

I could have said something like, "This is great.  I'm so used to meeting party girls on the cigarette and booze diet (to use one of Tyler's lines).  This is so refreshing to meet someone into diet and fitness as much as I am."  

Again, as I said this, I could have grabbed her hands and pulled her into me.  I'm almost certain in hindsight that she would have responded well, and we would have just looked into each others eyes and I could have gone for the kiss and probably gotten it.

I think I'll be motivated not to screw it up next time.  On top of having too many sets from the past that I screwed up in this way, this was especially painful.  

Seagull said as the set was walking away, "That girl has a really nice ass (referring to fitness girl)."  

I had a decent shot of possibly pulling her and wow, that would have been amazing to hook up with her.  I love doggie style, and her ass would have been amazing to look at, and more importantly, to grab and feel.  She does squats and deadlifts, etc, so her ass has to be super firm.  Damn...

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