Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Finally kclosed again

I think prior to recent events, my last big breakthrough prior to my meltdown was in East Langsing Michigan.  I believe a wrote a field report on how this 20 year blonde was so into me, and I actually went for the kiss close.  She refused it, citing a boyfriend, but as she was leaving, I said, "You're single tonight" and she stopped, and I could see that processed the comment and it resonated on some level.  Looking back, I think there was decent chance I could have hooked up with her if I would have just baby stepped the pull.  I should have offered to walk her home.  In front of her house, I could have then work on getting in, and then it probably could have happened.  

Despite that being a big breakthrough, and not getting the kiss on top of that, I think my game made some big bounds last year.  I just got stuck on not escalating, but I was doing a lot of things right that I had done wrong in the past.  

The one last set on St Patrick's Day, Act 1:
I phrase this section like this because actually St Patricks Day was Tuesday, March 17, and I decided that day to ask people if they were ready for St Patrick's Day 2015, Act II.  Most people went out on the Saturday and I ended up going out with Seagull.  I pregamed with some Jack Daniels I had left from Nashville.  

I've gone out so much lately that I don't remember much of that night. I do remember getting into this long set with this cute Indian girl, but she wouldn't give me her phone number.

I then remember that Seagull was ready to go home, and as usual, I was trying to push him into staying longer and I was looking for more sets.  I walked to the end of Lion Head and saw this girl sitting down.  there was girl and guy at her table.  I opened her and sat down.  

I remember that quickly, I found her gazing into my eyes when the conversation stopped.  I remember thinking, "Wow, I think she wants to kiss.  This is so quick."  The move might have just been to kiss her then, but at least I was smart enough to touch her hand.  She took my hand enthusiastically, and then we looked into each other eyes after the next pause in the conversation, and I went in and kissed her.  The long streak had been broken.  

I number closed her as she seemed to be interested in the Planeatirum and Wow Bao.  We then kissed a few more times but I broke it off quickly as I wanted to try to make a pull happen.  I know that just making it like crazy at the venue can hinder the pull.

I actually asked logistical questions.  She lived close by, and her friend from Indiana was visiting and staying with her.  The friend kept making out with this random Indian guy.  I really thought it was going to be easy to just leave the venue with my girl, the Indian guy, and the friend.  

I also seeded food close.  She seemed to want to get Mexican food down the street and she had even told me she did have food at her place.  

Suddenly, the light went on, and they were ready to leave.  My girl told me goodbye but I told her we should grab food.  She said they had to go.

The Indian guy was smart enough to follow them outside.  I didn't want to do it, but I caught up to them just as he was trying to stop his girl.  They stopped to talk to us.  I told her we should grab food.  She said she had to stick with her friend.  I said that the friend seemed to be getting along with the guy.  She said that the friend didn't want to go home with that guy.  

I just said, "Don't forget me" and I let them go.

Dumb.  I knew then that flaking was a high probability.  That's the nature of night game, and I knew this to be highly likely this evening as a lot of people drank extra heavily for the St Patty celebration.  She ended up not responding to the texts.  She might have punched in the wrong phone number or just forgotten me.

The right move:
I should have been more persistent in going with them.  I could have told her that it was fine that the friend didn't like the Indian guy.  I should have pressed them to get food and said that we were just gonna hang out.  Clearly, I had to press a little more than I did.  

Still, I felt great that I had finally kissed a girl again, and things seemed to finally be moving in the right direction.  

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