Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Girl is ALL over me with Boyfriend right there?!

I sometimes am hesitant to go into mixed sets and I don't like dealing with guys, though I usually do well with either winning them over or tooling them.  I haven't been practicing that much since I've returned to the game, and I even had a confrontation with some idiot in Nashville.  

Asian Pua said it best.  When you're in state, you don't worry about such things, but when you're not, you just walk away scared.  

This past Saturday, I would add that when you're in state, some crazy, unbelievable things happen to you.

I've always been fascinated by how the community would talk about pulling girls off of guys, or girls having no problems cheating on their boyfriends with you if your games good enough.  When I had shitty game, I had so many guys come in to try to steal whatever girl  I was talking to, and of course they succeeded several times.  Tyler's old "AMOG tactics" got me confident in dealing with other guys and in my time, I've pulled guys off of girls.  It's just been random guys trying to sarge or maybe I've gotten rid of some jealous orbiter.  

In our last venue for the night on Saturday, I opened this tall blonde.  There were two girls by her and two or three (turned out to be 3), but I barely noticed them when I opened.  The conversation went okay with her, but I learned this good looking, tall black guy was her boyfriend.  

The comment from Asian PUA above came into play, because at the same time I found this out, Asian PUA said he was a in bad state and left the set because he didn't want to deal with this big black guy.  This is ironic in two ways.  First, Asian PUA shouldn't be afraid as he trains MMA regularly.  Though he admits that bigger guys do have a weight advantage and he doesn't want to fight, I'd trust him to handle any situation that could arise, and I think he'd be able to defend himself.  Second, this guy was super friendly and cool in contrast to the other two AFC's in the set.  

After I got introduced to the boyfriend, this blonde girl grabbed my hand and introduced herself to me.  She might have been about my age.  I sarged way cuter girls this evening, but she was cute and not fat, so I would have been happy to hook up with her.  

She had an Irish first name, so I joked and said, "You have 4 names, don't you? (Irish girls often will have 3 names, 4 if you include the surname.)"  I had to repeat the joke as she said, "Huh?" and when I explained it, she said she was Swedish.  

I went over by her and immediately she kept touching me.  It was in various ways.  I swear she almost pulled me to her when we shook hands.  She's put her arm around me, or hold both of my hands.  I quickly reciprocated.  She told me to have a drink with her.  I really just wanted a water, but she insisted, "I'll pay for it.  Have a real drink with me.  What do you want?"

As this was going on, I could see this other black guy with glasses, and some white guy with a beard looking at me.  The beared guy started taping me on the shoulder.  I remember the black guy motioning for me to get out with his thumb.  I initially ignored them.  One of them said that the bearded guy was my girl's boyfriend.  I finally said, "Dude, why are you being weird?  You are being social awkward and weird."  I looked them in their eyes as I said this.  

He backed off for a bit, but I kept an eye on them.  As this was going one, she was telling them to go away and leave us alone.  I could see the bearded guy keep looking at me.  I finally asked her, "How do you know these people?"  She said the bearded guy was her boyfriend.  

I could see the guy was getting pissed.  I actually backed off the kino on the girl, but she still have her arm around me.  

I forgot to say earlier that she was saying stuff like, "Don't ever change the way you are."  She kept complimenting me verbally in addition to being all over me.

I actually worried that this bearded guy might start shit when I found out he actually was her boyfriend.  On a side note, my frame is so weird/solid now that I don't even react when guys say it's their girlfriend as naturals/orbiters will say that shit to get rid of me.  The weird thing is that when she told me, I didn't believe it for a few seconds.

I finally told her, "Listen.  That's really your boyfriend?  He keeps looking over here.  If he touches me, I'll defend myself, but my friend trains MMA seriously, and he'll beat the fuck out of him if that guy touches me."  

It's funny because when I said this, she turned around, and pushed them back again and said, "What's your problem?  He's gay.  Back off!"  

I remember saying, "Why are you with this guy?  He's weird."

Of course, you're not suppose to say negative things about a girl's boyfriend because she'll defend him.  She said, "No, he's a good guy."  

I realized my error (sort of, though I still wasn't saying the ideal things), and said, "I get it, you want a provider guy.  That's cool."  

We did a shot and kept talking.  

The charismatic black guy saw a table open up and invited the group to go over there. I walked over and then saw Asian Cousin.  He said he wanted to go back to the hotel room.  I told him what was up with my set.  He said I should try to walk out with her and pull her otherwise, he agreed when I said I didn't see how I wasn't wasting my time with this set.  

The bearded guy was obviously an AFC.  Yeah, he tried to get rid of me, but obviously this girl would/probably does cheat on him.  If he wasn't there, I obviously would have hooked up with her easily.  I just couldn't see how he'd let me leave with his girlfriend.  They were visiting from Canada, so they likely were in the same hotel room.  

Seagull told me later that maybe the guy was such a chump that he might have let her leave with me.  I could have stayed and found out.  

Free drinks:
I had a lot of time to think about what I could have done.  I ended up just leaving the set.  We tried to open some other sets, but then when Asian Cousin said he was going back to the room, I just went with him as my stuff was there and I didn't want to deal with getting it.  (I should have checked the key as well, as I would have found out it didn't work.  Strangely, I was worried about it not working because I hadn't tried it, and when we tried to get in the fitness room with it later for water, I found it would have been locked out.)  

One thing I thought of is that I could have just stayed in the set.  She bought me a drink and would have kept buying me more.  I bet he way paying for it too, so I would have gotten a rise out of that.  This reminds me of when 2j was with this Latina girl, and she kept asking guys to buy her drinks and then 2j would proceed to drink the drinks.  (2j later would stop drinking, but at that time, he was still drinking occaisonally).  

I get a rise out of that stuff because I was so used to being the AFC that paid for dinners/drinks so it feels good sometimes to get that stuff from women.  It's like a whole different level when you get free drinks ultimately from an AFC boyfriend who is right there.

He's gay!:
This was the best move though and it didn't occur to me until hours later.  She had provided the solution too but I didn't pick up on it at the time.  I remember some community story of some guru pretending to be gay and then pulling a girl home from her group.  Remember that at one point, she tried to disarm the boyfriend by saying  I was gay.

Coincidentally, we met a bunch of girls who were in town for some hair stylist convention.  I could have really played it up and said I was in Chicago for the hair dresser convention.  I think the move would have been to go talk to the bearded guy.  I was thinking I could say, "Oh, your her boyfriend?! Oh, that makes sense now.  I'm a hair dresser here for the convention.  So, what's up with him (I'd point to the good looking black guy who was the boyfriend of the tall girl I initially opened.), he's cute."  

That would disarm them and then I could hang out with her with less scrutiny.  I could then tried to get some isolation with her.  I could try to make out when out of sight, and I could just try to walk out with her and take her to Asian Cousin's room.  

On a side note, I should have checked out Asian Cousin's hotel earlier.  When we got back, we went up to the fitness room and got water.  I realized that it would be easy to pull a girl up there and mess around in the stair well or in the fitness room as no one was up there.  If I'm in a similar situation, I should have look around the hotel so I know all my options.  I didn't think to do that because my mind didn't even entertain the fact that I actually good pull.  (Now, I know my odds are better.  I knew on Feb 14th that it was like 1000, or 10,000 to 1 that I pulled.  Now I'd say it may be 10% or higher, and I better start planning accordingly.)  

Wing help:
Seagull's other idea was that my wing should/could have talked to the guys and distracted them.  Asian cousin was in a bad state and crashed so he couldn't do it.  It's weird that I forgot  I was out with Seagull when we got to this last venue.  We had lost him in the second venue after I busted out with fitness girl.  Asian cousin mentioned him when we were in the cab, so I text him that we had left as a courtesy.  

I must have been still drunk as I seriously forgot I had been out with Seagull when I was in that set.  The set happened just a few minutes after we had gone in the venue, so I never even text him that we had moved to that place.  

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