Monday, March 23, 2015

Back in the hole

It's been awhile.  I had a great 2014 and I really thought I'd never screw up again.  I thought I'd never quit working out, for one thing.  I planned on going out regularly.  Instead, I ran out of energy from travelling too much, and allowed myself to get addicted to World of Warcraft.  I also think/worry that I could have the type of bipolar disorder that has less severe mania.  I've thought that for years, but my fitness guru Lyle McDonald posted that he finally accepted it and got treatment this past January.

Lyle sent an "Apology to the Internet" through his mailing list, and of course on his site  Listening to him having to start over with working out and bringing himself out of a depression helped me get started one things as well.  I started working out again and it's been a slow road.  Late last year, I could run 20 miles easily, and I struggled to run 4-5 miles coming back.  That was frustrating but at least I started then as opposed to waiting until 1-3 miles was tough.  I've been slow to return to lifting.

Just this week, I got sick which is going to hurt my progress but at least I've turned things around on some level.

Feb 13th:
That's the day I returned to sarging after a several month absence and I knew it was gonna be rough since I was also coming out of just playing WoW and never really leaving the house.  Asian Cousin happened to come in town that weekend and I went out with him and with Seagull.  It was rough, but to my credit, I tried opening a few times.

Most of the time, I was just wandering around, feeling sorry for how far I had let myself sink.  A few times, I remembered not even wanting to go wing and I remember getting into sets and not knowing what to say.  In some ways, it was more brutal than when I was a newbie because I could contrast this with how things were just started to pick up when I quit last year.

Feb 13th wasn't as bad in retrospect, but it was enough that I was motivated to go out the next day, even though Asian Cousin text me, and so did my promoter friend.

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